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12 zingers that explain why we'll miss Lady Mary and Downton Abbey so much

That’s it then (until Christmas at least). The sixth series of Downton Abbey (opens in new tab) has ended – controversially – with Lady Mary getting hitched and poor Lady Edith losing the man of her dreams.

But forget the plot. What we’ll miss most is the ludicrous aristo dialogue that gets bandied about between the Grantham clan and their associates.

Here’s all the archaic vocabulary, meaningful understatements, and cuttingly polite insults from the Downton finale.

1. Brouhaha: Like an upgraded kerfuffle

Oh I'd love to be dragged into a tawdry local brouhaha. #DowntonAbbey

— Tom Allen (@tomallencomedy) November 8, 2015


2. These kind of well-crafted lines that stop you short

"Don't demean yourself by trying to justify your venom", this was a brilliant line. #DowntonAbbey

— Edina Ely (@edina_louise) November 8, 2015


3. Wise home truths to petulant aristos

You're a bully Mary & like all bullies you're a coward — Tom Branson Here here #DowntonAbbey

— Lady Edith Crawley (@Edith_Crawley) November 8, 2015


4. Because everyone wants a “copper bottomed Marquis” for Christmas

The entire nation has their fingers crossed Edith gets her "copper bottomed Marquis" and Mary has to curtsy to her… #DowntonAbbey

— Ellie Walker-Arnott (@Ellie_Wa) November 8, 2015


5. Alliterative classics from Lord Grantham

Brilliant, have finally heard someone actually say 'golly gumdrops' on TV. Well done #DowntonAbbey

— Nick Horne (@Knightsinwhites) November 8, 2015


I think i'm gonna start using "golly gum drops". #DowntonAbbey

— Gavin (@GavinWorby) November 8, 2015


6. Truly gargantuan understatements

And the Academy Award for biggest understatement of 1925 goes to: "Your sister hasn't been helpful." #DowntonAbbey

— Rebecca Major (@BecMajor) November 8, 2015


7. The way posh butlers seem to have had their sympathy glands removed

"To say nothing of suicidal footmen in the attic" is there more than one Carson?! #DowntonAbbey

— Jo-Anne Rowney (@JoAnne_Rowney) November 8, 2015


8. Pearls of wisdom on managing your house staff

#DowntonAbbey It is her: 'A good butler shouldn't need to be told'. #DowagerGems

— Alastair Stewart (@alstewitn) November 8, 2015


9. Criteria when looking for a man

"He shoots." It's positively filth tonight I tell you. FILTH! #DowntonAbbey

— Jeremy Skyrme (@DrSkyrme) November 8, 2015


10. Words you’ve kind of heard, but don’t really know what they mean…

Who else googled 'carmudgeon' ? #DowntonAbbey

— Cille Mhearnaig (@CMhearnaig) November 8, 2015


11. The way elderly relatives are referred to as if summoned from Hell

"Summoning Granny" Well as a Hogwarts teacher, I suppose that was easy #DowntonAbbey

— Jeevesina (@jeevesina) November 8, 2015


12. Oh, and this – which really shows Downton’s march to modernity over the years

What the hell is Lady Mary doing? This is a whole new level. #DowntonAbbey

— Lord Gareth J Jones (@garethjonjones) November 8, 2015


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