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Holliday Grainger: 'I felt awful bullying my friend Lily James in Cinderella' (VIDEO)

Former Waterloo Road actress Holliday Grainger plays one of the ugly stepsisters in Disney's new version of Cinderella and reveals she struggled with bullying her real-life friend Lily James, who plays the title character.

Holliday told What's on TV she found it hard to be nasty to Downton Abbey star Lily. "There's the whole comedy with the stepsisters, which is a lot of fun, but when Sophie [McShera], Cate [Blanchett] and I are ganging up together... I totally disagree with bullying of any form, so if even if a part of that... even if it's just pretending to Lily, you feel awful... It's AWFUL!"

Holliday is familiar to TV audiences in series such as Where the Heart Is, Waterloo Road and The Borgias, and will next play the title role in a TV adpatation of Lady Chatterley's Lover, opposite Richard Madden, who plays the prince in Cinderella!

Holliday said: "Snared him eventually! He plays Mellors to my Lady Chatterley in a BBC adaptation, which is out later this year, I think. Completely different characters, for the both of us and like aways, really good fun working with Richard. I think he's great."

Cinderella opens nationwide on Friday, March 27.

Watch the interview with Holliday Grainger, above.