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Lady Tamara: Who is Tamara Falcó?

Tamara Falco
Who is Tamara Falcó from Netflix's Lady Tamara? (Image credit: Netflix)

Lady Tamara is a Netflix reality series focusing on the hectic and glamorous life of famous Spanish socialite Tamara Falcó.

With a mixture of fly-on-the wall filming and interviews, we get a glimpse into the marchioness’ busy lifestyle, where she juggles her high-profile career, social life and her prominent family all while being in the limelight.

Tamara isn’t just a rich influencer with a busy social calendar, throughout the series she’s eager to pursue her biggest passion in cooking and open her own restaurant, while also making time for her other career pursuits. 

Now, if you’re wondering who Tamara is and wanting to know more about her aristocratic background, including her famous half brother, you can read below to find out…

Who is Tamara Falcó?

Tamara Falco and her mother Isabel Preysler

Tamara with her mother Isabel Preysler. (Image credit: Netflix)

Tamara Falcó is the 6th Marchioness of Griñón and is the daughter of Carlos Falcó, a famous wine producer, Marquis of Griñón and a grandee of Spain with his wife Isabel Preysler, a famous socialite.

In the series, Tamara aptly calls her mother “one of the most elegant women in Spain,” and was frequently on the front covers of magazines.

Tamara’s whole life has been documented on the covers of iHola! Magazine and is also known to be the half-sister of global Spanish singing sensation Enrique Iglesias.

Despite her aristocratic status, Tamara has a jam-packed resume, finding success as an influencer and having her own fashion brand.

She is also a co-host on one of the most successful TV shows in the country called El Hormiguero.

Tamara Falco with chefs

Tamara has a huge dream to set up her own restaurant. (Image credit: Netflix)

Now, she’s a chef wanting to make her next big career move by building her own restaurant in El Rincón, a mansion she inherited after her father’s death.

As the documentary progresses, we see the obstacles she encounters while building and opening a successful restaurant as she handles her other personal and professional responsibilities.

She has also appeared in MasterChef Celebrity, Masters of Renovation and her own reality show We Love Tamara.

Lady Tamara is available to stream on Netflix now.

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