Lockwood & Co. season 1 episode 6 recap: From a haunted basement to a ball

Lucy and Lockwood in the crowd at the ball in Lockwood & Co.
Lockwood & Co.'s hunt for the Bone Glass takes them to a fancy ball in episode 6. (Image credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix)

NOTE: This post contains spoilers for Lockwood & Co. season 1 episode 6, “You Never Asked.”

The Lockwood & Co. trio is shocked to have had a death on their doorstep but there is no time to process this as they must find the bone glass. Let’s recap what happens to these young operatives in the sixth episode of Lockwood & Co. on Netflix.

Unexpected helper 

Skull in his jar in Lockwood & Co.

(Image credit: Netflix)

DEPRAC clears up the scene at Lockwood & Co. after Carver’s death, and while George turns in the murder weapon, Barnes tells the team they are off the case but Lockwood manages to convince him to let them finish the job, no matter the risks. The inspector reluctantly agrees but tells them to be smart as they are now dealing with real-life criminals, not ghosts. They are to only locate the bone glass and leave the rest to DEPRAC.

The stakes are high and the next morning, George catches Lucy and Lockwood up on his research about Bickerstaff. It turns out he was a respected physician who also held secret gatherings in his house. Or at least they would have remained secret if a participant, a woman named Mary Dulac, had not talked about it. Their conversation is interrupted by the Skull who reveals he knew Bickerstaff, that he was his acolyte, and asks that they take him to his master’s house where they will find out everything they need to know… if they agree to set him free.

Once at Bickerstaff’s house in Hampstead, the Skull asks that Lucy let Lockwood and George go in without her, as it is dangerous and he doesn’t want to lose his means of communication through her. But Lucy is not about to blindly listen to the Skull and decides to go in the house alone instead. While the Skull insists on being freed, Lucy argues that they have not found what they are looking for, so he indicates she must search for papers and guides her through the house. 

Disturbing discoveries

While Lucy goes down a hatch, Lockwood and George decide to go after her. In a secret basement, Lucy finds out Bickerstaff killed the patients he experimented on and their ghosts come after her. Luckily, Lockwood and George are there to save her. They all run out of the house and Lucy tells them Bickerstaff was a monster and reveals she found his papers.

Back at the agency, Lockwood finds Flo in the living room. She offers to help them hide from the relic man, as she thinks Winkman is responsible for Carver’s death and is now out to murder Lockwood and his teammates. Lockwood brushes the threat off and Flo offers to help them get into a private auction that is to be held that night at midnight, with high-value relics for sale. That is where they will find the bone glass.

After Flo leaves, George fills in Lucy and Lockwood on another big discovery he made thanks to Bickerstaff’s papers. It turns out Bickerstaff was taking parts of his own patients to test a theory and make Sources, inflicting trauma to force ghosts to be tied to their bones. Seven ghosts were involved and that, as George said, was the “recipe for a bone glass.” Moreover, George found out Mary Dulac wrote her confessions in a book, which could be the key to understanding this whole case. The book, however, is locked in the Black Library at Fittes… Good thing they just got invited to a ball at the Fittes building.

Party time

The Golden Blade (Luke Treadaway) poses next to a bookshelf in Lockwood & Co.

The Golden Blade makes an appearance at the ball. (Image credit: Netflix/Parisa Taghizadeh)

After shopping for a new outfit for the ball, Lucy runs into Kipps, who offers her a job and invites her to the party. She refuses, and he suggests coffee instead. To say the least, Lucy is a bit confused about his intentions, somewhere between job offers and dates. Lockwood later comes to talk to her and he catches her looking at a picture of Norrie. She tells him about her and their plan to go to London together, and he is surprised to learn about that part of her past. Before going to get a cab for the party, Lockwood gives Lucy a necklace that used to belong to someone he was close to. This further indicates Anthony has grown quite fond of his associate.

Meanwhile, George invites Pamela over to study Bickerstaff’s papers and find out how the bone glass was made. When it’s time to go to the party, George isn’t ready and prefers to continue his work than head off. George is actually so trusting of Pamela that he tells her about their plan to get the bone glass later.

At Fittes' party, Lockwood and Lucy mingle a little before setting off to the Black Library. Lucy runs into Penelope Fittes who also offers her a job and tells her she is there if Lucy ever needs to talk. Lockwood then confronts Lucy about the job offer but she reassures him that he and George are her family now and she doesn’t intend on going anywhere. 

The duo proceed with their mission and go to the Black Library where they retrieve Mary Dulac’s book before having to hide when Penelope Fittes and a man enter the room. But when Penelope returns to the ball, the man lingers as he notices somebody else is there. He eventually confronts Lockwood armed with his golden blade and the young agents have to fight their way out. To escape the building, they set off the salt sprinklers to make a diversion, and they manage to ditch the party to move on to the next part of their evening mission.

Who is the Golden Blade? Will Lucy and Lockwood get their hands on the bone glass? Find out more in the next episode of Lockwood & Co., now available on Netflix. 

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