Lockwood & Co — release date, cast, plot, trailer, characters, first looks and all about the supernatural thriller series

Lockwood & Co arrives on Netflix in 2023 and follows young ghost hunters in London.
Lockwood & Co arrives on Netflix in 2023 and follows young ghost hunters in London. (Image credit: Netflix)

Lockwood & Co on Netflix is set in an alternate London, where spirits flow freely through the streets. At night teens do battle with the ghosts and this eight-part drama series follows heroes Lucy Carlyle, Anthony Lockwood and George Cubbins, who run a Psychic Detection Agency called Lockwood & Co

The series is based on the fantasy adventure series by author Jonathan Stroud and features Bridgerton star Ruby Stokes, Morven Christie (The Bay), Luke Treadaway (Ordeal By Innocence) and Game of Thrones star Ben Crompton.

So here's everything you need to know about the Netflix supernatural adventure series Lockwood & Co...

Morven Christie as Penelope Fittes.

Morven Christie as Penelope Fittes. (Image credit: Netlfix)

Luke Treadaway as The Golden Blade.

Lockwood & Co star Luke Treadaway as The Golden Blade. (Image credit: Netlfix)

Lockwood & Co release date 

Lockwood & Co is an eight-part Netflix series which launches worldwide on Friday January 27 2033.

Is there a trailer for Lockwood & Co? 

Yes Netflix has released a couple of trailers for Lockwood & Co. and it's going to be truly terrifying. Take a look below. Beneath those you can also watch a video clip revealing more about the books...

Lockwood & Co plot

In Lockwood & Co, England is blighted by a ghost epidemic, which sees ghouls stalk the streets. These supernatural beings have the power to bring death to everyone they meet, except children. 

To fight back against the ghosts a number of agencies have formed and we follow quick-tempered heroine Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes) who, after fleeing her troubled past and heading to London to find work as a ghost hunter, sees fate lead her to the door of Anthony Lockwood (newcomer Cameron Chapman), the ambitious young owner of a small independent agency trying to compete with a host of large adult-run ghost hunting firms. 

Yet after joining forces with Lockwood and his pal George Cubbins (Ali Hadji-Heshmati), the extraordinary nature of Lucy’s paranormal talent begins to emerge, leading to the discovery of a dark conspiracy that could change the course of history.

Armed with state-of-the-art tools and bucketloads of courage, the trio faces some of the deadliest hauntings in the capital, as well as fierce competition from their bigger rival agencies. 

Lucy and Lockwood are tracking down spooks in London.

Lucy and Anthony Lockwood are tracking down spooks in London. (Image credit: Netflix)

It's a real fright fest in Lockwood & Co.

It's a real fright fest in Lockwood & Co. (Image credit: Netflix)

Lockwood & Co cast — Ruby Stokes interview on playing Lucy Carlyle 

Ruby Stokes stars as the fearless ghost hunter Lucy Carlyle and is best known for her role as Francesca Bridgerton in the hit series Bridgerton season 2. Ruby appeared as Little Lucy in the series Not Going Out and was also in Una and the 2019 movie Rocks

Here's our interview with Ruby Stokes on starring in Lockwood & Co...

How does Lucy come to join Lockwood & Co? 
Ruby says:
"She had a horrible childhood because her mum was quite abusive and she’s also experienced a lot of trauma in her life, so she comes to London to escape all that. We see her build these relationships with Anthony and George and it’s through them she learns to love and trust people again really. I love playing her because she’s such a complex character, and while she’s really headstrong, quite kickass and very independent, she’s pretty vulnerable as well."

How does Lucy handle her special talent?
Ruby says: "I don’t want to say too much, but she’s learning about her powers with the audience as the story progresses. That side of her was such an interesting aspect of her character, because she’s a young woman learning to harness her ability. It makes her feel exposed, but in time she realises those powers it makes her very special. There’s a secret room in their house that Anthony won’t let anyone into, so of course Lucy is intrigued by that!"

How much do Lockwood & Co stand out in an industry that is controlled by adults? 
Ruby says: "The fate of the world rests on these kids’ shoulders, which is frightening! But I think there are real parallels between this show and present day society and we should be listening to young people's voices more."

There’s plenty of action in the series, did you enjoy battling ghosts? 
Ruby reveals: "We had a specialist sword trainer who prepared us thoroughly for those scenes, with thrusts, parries and all the other moves. Me, Cameron and George spent hours fighting each other as practice! But there are lots of other action sequences and in the first episode Ruby jumps from a burning building. My stunt double was brilliant at encouraging me to have a go at that stuff! 

Ruby Stokes leads the cast as Lucy Carlyle.

Ruby Stokes leads the cast as Lucy Carlyle, while newcomer Cameron Chapman plays Anthony Lockwood. (Image credit: Netflix)

Lockwood & Co star Ruby Stokes as Francesca Bridgerton with her family.

Lockwood & Co star Ruby Stokes as Francesca Bridgerton (front centre) with her family in the hit Netflix drama. (Image credit: Netflix)

Interview: Cameron Chapman on playing Anthony Lockwood

What can you tell us about the world of Lockwood & Co?
Cameron Chapman says:
"It’s a place where everything stopped developing in the 1980s because of this ghost epidemic called ‘The Problem’, which makes for a rich world with plenty of layers to explore. Young people are the only ones who can see or hear these spirits and all the youngsters with the gift work for big, commercialised ghost hunting organisations. But many of the adults running these organisations are exploiting these youngsters and putting them in danger. Lockwood & Co is the only agency not run by adults, so in some ways it’s a show about taking on the establishment!

"Like Lucy (see above), Anthony Lockwood has an interesting past and he’s a bit of a closed book when we first meet him. He’s also old beyond the years and has got a very mature soul, yet that doesn't mean he's not partial to a bit of reckless behaviour."

How much do Lockwood & Co stand out in the ghost-hunting industry that is controlled by adults? 
Cameron reveals: "The show's writer Joe Cornish was really keen for us to embody the rebellious attitude of these young teenagers, as a ragtag group of teenagers challenging these big agencies. In the real world, the story of young people’s opinions being belittled is a tale as old as time. I think in the current climate — literally — there are issues that will not affect older generations, it will only affect younger generations."

There’s plenty of action in the series, did you enjoy battling ghosts? 
Cameron explains:
"When it comes to battling ghosts you get used to using your imagination. The visual effects team, who added the ghosts in later, were really helpful showing us drafts of what was going to be on screen at a particular moment. I remember early on the head of stunts told me that Lockwood was incredible at duelling ghosts, so I had to work hard!"

Cameron Chapman Lockwood & Co

Cameron Chapman as Anthony Lockwood in Lockwood & Co (Image credit: Netflix)

Who's who in Lockwood & Co — meet the characters 

Here's our guide to all the Lockwood & Co characters and cast...

(Cameron Chapman)
Anthony Lockwood (18) is the founder and owner of Lockwood & Co — the only agency in London run without adult supervision. Enigmatic, passionate, and rebellious, Lockwood’s external bravura masks a deep vulnerability that comes from his traumatic past. He’s the ultimate showman and raconteur, and an exceptional agent with laser-keen psychic Sight. Lockwood gives the illusion of emotional proximity while keeping everyone at a safe distance. With George and Lucy by his side, he is utterly convinced they are destined for greatness.

(Ruby Stokes)
Lucy (16) is an agent at Lockwood & Co. From the moment she’s born, Lucy is possessed with an exceptional talent for Listening. She is impulsive, principled, and stubborn. After she’s unjustly blamed for the deaths of her colleagues, Lucy flees her small town in the north of England and travels to London in search of a better life. After every other door is shut in her face, she finds herself at tiny start-up agency Lockwood & Co, where she’s instantly beguiled by the charismatic Anthony Lockwood and irked by his unconventional friend and colleague, George Karim. At times overwhelmed by the depth of her psychic Talent, Lucy must grapple with the responsibility that comes with being uniquely gifted in a world that desperately needs her abilities.

(Ali Hadji-Heshmati)
George (17) is Chief Researcher at Lockwood & Co. A genius and free-thinker, unburdened by the need to conform, George is happiest marching to the beat of his own drum. Fiercely intelligent, wry, eccentric, and open-minded, George acts as both a field agent with a talent for Touch, and Lockwood & Co’s unrivalled researcher, ensuring the company have the edge when tracking down and facing psychic disturbances. George doesn’t keep many close friends, but once he trusts you, he’s loyal to a fault. He’s fascinated by The Problem and obsessed with trying to understand its origins.

(Ivanno Jeremiah)
Barnes is a Senior Inspector for DEPRAC — the government organisation assigned with tackling The Problem and overseeing the country’s psychical agencies. Barnes is an outsider who has fought hard for his position. He has a tough, acerbic, no-nonsense exterior which belies how deeply he feels for the young agents that fall under his command.

(Jack Bandeira)
Kipps (20) is a Team Leader for Fittes — the country’s most elite psychical agency. His job is to oversee a team of teenage agents and guide them through nightly supernatural investigations. Arrogant and officious, Kipps relishes his position of authority and experience. Kipps is locked into a bitter rivalry with Anthony Lockwood and takes any opportunity to assert his superiority.

(Luke Treadaway)
The Golden Blade is a mysterious, nameless mercenary who specialises in the dark arts of high-risk, high-reward covert operations. Handsome, erudite, and terrifyingly deft in physical combat, the Blade is a ruthless villain who operates under the radar.

(Morven Christie)
Penelope is the Head of Fittes Agency — the psychical agency founded in 1972 by her mother, Marissa Fittes. Poised, benevolent and self-possessed, Penelope is a household name who commands utmost respect. In a society consumed with the fallout of The Problem, Penelope is at the apex of power, wealth, and influence. As the daughter of the person who first discovered The Problem, and who pioneered the techniques still used by agents to this day, Penelope wants to continue her mother’s legacy and ensure that Fittes remains the country’s leading agency.

(Hayley Konadu)
Flo is a former agent who now ekes out a living on the mud flats of the Thames as a relic hunter. She was an exceptional agent, until she was profoundly traumatised on a job, causing her to quit and drop out of conventional society. Flo is wary and disillusioned with a ghost-fighting system that chews young people up and spits them out. Highly perceptive, eccentric, and recalcitrant, Flo is Lockwood’s oldest friend, the two of them having been there for one another in their darkest days. With her connections to Problem-stricken London’s underworld, Flo is a secret weapon and confidante for our heroes at Lockwood & Co.

(Rhianna Dorris)
Kat is an agent for Fittes, working under Quill Kipps. Sharp-tongued, confident, and supercilious, Kat is an incredibly talented Listener able to hear the bygone echoes of a ghost’s psychic trauma. Kat becomes a de facto rival for Lucy, a fellow Listener. Pitched against one another on active investigations, Kat constantly tries to prove her technical superiority over Lucy.

(Paddy Holland)
Bobby is an agent and researcher for Fittes, working under Quill Kipps. Bookish, precocious, and snide, Bobby is a voracious academic who scours Fittes’ archives and databases to give his team an upper hand on investigations. As a fellow researcher, Bobby is a de facto rival for George — his counterpart at Lockwood & Co. Often going head-to-head on competitive investigations, Bobby relishes any opportunity to attempt to outsmart George in a battle of wits.

Hayley Konadu as Flo in Lockwood & Co.

Hayley Konadu as Flo in Lockwood & Co. (Image credit: Netflix)

Bobby Vernon is on the case!

Bobby Vernon (Paddy Holland) is on the case! (Image credit: Netflix)

Fittes agents are fighting spooks too!

Fittes agents are fighting spooks too!  (Image credit: Netflix)

Lockwood & Co — all about the books 

The first novel in the Lockwood & Co teen fiction series, The Screaming Staircase was published by author Jonathan Stroud in 2013 and there are currently four more in the series, The Whispering Skull, The Hollow Boy, The Creeping Shadow and The Empty Grave

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