Cheat: release date, how it works, trailer and all about Danny Dyer and Ellie Taylor's Netflix quiz show

Cheat, aka Ch£at, is a big money quiz show on Netflix hosted by Danny Dyer and Ellie Taylor.
Cheat, aka Ch£at, is a big money quiz show on Netflix hosted by Danny Dyer and Ellie Taylor. (Image credit: Netflix)

Cheat is a brand new quiz show launching on Netflix which is hosted by former EastEnders star Danny Dyer and Ellie Taylor of Sewing Bee and Strictly Come Dancing 2022 fame. 

Netflix has been a little bit canny too with the show's title, branding it Ch£at with a pound sign within it! And that's because there's an awful lot of money, or wonga as Danny Dyer might say, to be won!

"My catchphrase on this show is, Stay slippery!" reveals Danny. "The better you are at taking liberties, the more chance you've got of winning the readies."

So here's everything we know about Cheat, aka Ch£at, on Netflix...

Cheat release date

Cheat arrives on Netflix on Wednesday March 1, 2023. Hopefully, the cash will be flowing to the contestants from the off! The Cheat episodes will be shown in binge-worthy bunches of four...

Ch£at episodes 1 to 4 launch on March 1.
Ch£at episodes 5 to 8 launch on March 8.
Ch£at episodes 9 to 12 launch on March 15.

Is there a trailer for Cheat on Netflix?

Yes there's a trailer for Cheat, aka Ch£at, with Danny Dyer giving you a warm welcome to the studio. Take a look below...

Cheat on Netflix — how it works

Cheat is a battle of brains and wit… and an ability to be able to tell barefaced lies! Each episode starts with four brave players who have their knowledge put to the ultimate test as they bluff and blag across three rounds to avoid elimination and build a potential jackpot of over £50,000. There’s just one crucial rule, however... Don't get caught!

Let the game of Cheat begin! Danny and Ellie hosting in the Ch£at studio.

Let the game of Cheat begin! Danny and Ellie hosting in the Ch£at studio. (Image credit: Netflix)

Danny Dyer on co-hosting Cheat, his 'blinding little gig'

Danny Dyer took to Instagram to give, in his own cheeky words, some thoughts on hosting Cheat with Ellie Taylor. 

Danny posted: "A blinding little gig I did with @elliejanetaylor starts on the 1st March on @netflixuk she’s a proper treacle and i think you’re all gonna love it…’s a game show full of slippery f***kers trying to cheat their way to some serious readies…..beautiful."

You can take a look at Danny's Instagram post below, plus here's what the EastEnders star recently told us: "‘This is a game about human behaviour. It asks are you good at lying and can you win loads of money from knowing naff all!? This isn't a game show for geeks; anyone can play, that's the brilliance of it. It's like a lavish game of poker.

"Many of those who won were really good at cheating and not letting anyone spot it, so they’d slip under the radar while calling others out for cheating. We learned men are awful at lying... and women are unbelievably good!"

Ellie Taylor on co-hosting Cheat

Ellie Taylor told us how the game of Cheat is played: "Each player’s questions pop up on the screen in front of them. Correct answers add £1,000 to the prize pot and, if they don't know the answer, they can push their secret ‘Cheat’ button. But they should play it cool as, after each question, their opponents can accuse them of cheating. Only the best ‘Cheat Hunter’ is guaranteed a place in the next round, as well as getting to eliminate a rival."

More about Cheat on Netflix

Cheat's executive producers are Jamie Rea and Jonno Richards, while Series Editor is Jim Connolly. Development was by Giles Boden, Charlie Bennett and Laura Gibson and the production company is Talkback, a Fremantle label.

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