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Kill Me Three Times | Simon Pegg is on killer form as a smirking hitman in this Aussie black comedy

Kill Me Three Times Simon Pegg
(Image credit: © Universal Studios)
(Image credit: © Universal Studios)

Once is never enough.

Simon Pegg’s smirking contract killer retains his glib sang-froid as the bodies pile up around him in the wilfully convoluted Australian black comedy thriller Kill Me Three Times.

As it happens, he’s not the only one doing the killing. Almost everyone in the coastal town where he pitches up seems to be involved in some nefarious activity or another, including kidnapping, blackmail, murder, and insurance fraud.

Director Kriv Stenders flips the film’s time frame back and forth, as per the Quentin Tarantino playbook. But his bad characters - including Teresa Palmer’s scheming dental receptionist, Callan Mulvey’s homicidally jealous bar owner and Bryan Brown’s dirty cop - are such nasty pieces of work we don’t care what becomes of them, while the goodies - Alice Braga’s hapless femme fatale and Luke (brother of Liam and Chris) Hemsworth’s beefy mechanic – are too bland to make a mark.

Certificate 15. Runtime 87 mins. Director Kriv Stenders

Kill Me Three Times debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 20 August. Available on DVD from Universal.