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Mean Dreams | Bill Paxton's evil cop stands in the way of young lovers on the run

Mean Dreams Josh Wiggins Sophie Nélisse

Mean Dreams Josh Wiggins Sophie Nélisse

The late Bill Paxton usually played affable characters on screen, but he is chillingly evil as a corrupt sheriff and abusive single father in rural crime thriller Mean Dreams, one of his final film roles.

Newly arrived in a remote farming community but already up to no good, his dirty cop stands in the way of the blossoming young love of the story’s protagonists, his 15-year-old daughter Casey (The Book Thief’s Sophie Nélisse) and spunky local farmboy Jonas (Josh Wiggins).

Gallant and rash, Josh resolves to save Casey and impulsively steals a bag of drug money from her dad. So the pair go on the run, hiding out in the woods and in cheap motels, with Casey’s father in vindictive pursuit.

Making striking use of his autumnal locations (the film was handsomely shot in Canada), director Nathan Morlando keeps the tension level high, while Paxton’s gripping performance ratchets the suspense up another notch.

Certificate 15. Runtime 100 mins. Director Nathan Morlando

Mean Dreams debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 12 February. Available on Digital courtesy of Woods Entertainment.