A quick chat with Chuck star Brandon Routh

A quick chat with Chuck star Brandon Routh
A quick chat with Chuck star Brandon Routh (Image credit: © NBC Universal, Inc.)

Actor Brandon Routh talks Chuck, being starstruck and wearing Superman pyjamas... Were you already a fan of Chuck before you joined the show? “Yes! My wife and I have watched it since the beginning. I was really excited to be cast as Daniel Shaw, because it’s always cool to play a spy. The only thing I was a bit hesitant about was Shaw driving a wedge between Chuck and Sarah. I’m sure some people hate him for that.” Does Chuck appeal to your inner geek? “I like the geek references, as I’m a big geek myself. My mom watches the show and says, ‘Chuck reminds me so much of you when you were young’. I’ve matured a little bit, but I’m still a geek at heart.” Do you ever get starstruck around other celebrities? “I’m not much of a party person. When I first got to Hollywood I didn’t know anyone, so parties were nerve-wracking because I’d stand there with nobody to talk to.” How weird was it to be cast as Superman? “I saw the original movie on television growing up in Iowa when I was five or six years old. I loved it and even had Superman pyjamas. To actually get to play him was amazing.” Does the role bring a special responsibility? “Superman is so iconic that you can’t just be him on screen, you have to uphold the legacy as a person, rather than running around Hollywood partying and saying dumb things. He is an inspirational role model and I wanted to be an ambassador for the things he stands for – his positive attitude, openness and strength.” Which of Superman's powers would you most like to have? “Flight. It would be awesome to be able to fly anywhere I want and take someone with me.” What are the best and worst things about your job? “The waiting is the worst part – waiting in your trailer for your scene to be shot, waiting for a movie to come out. The best part is doing the fight scenes. I’ve got to learn some hand-to-hand combat stuff on Chuck, which has been fun.” Christopher Nolan is working on a new Superman project – will you be involved? “I’d love to be, especially with such a talented British director shepherding the project. But no matter who plays Superman, the most important thing is to uphold the legacy of a character so deeply loved by so many people.” *Chuck returns to Virgin 1 on Monday, August 9

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