Ackley Bridge's Liz White: 'Emma must decide whether to let go of the past and move on'

Emma Keane mourns the loss of Sami
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After recently rekindling a romance with childhood sweetheart Samir ‘Sami’ Qureshi, Ackley Bridge English teacher Emma Keane was devastated when Sami was stabbed to death by a local drug dealer. Here, Liz White, who plays Emma, reveals how she's coping...

Liz White on why Ackley Bridge English teacher Miss Keane is hell bent on getting justice for Sami…

Everyone at Ackley Bridge is reeling from the loss of Samir 'Sami' Qureshi, who was stabbed to death by local drug dealer Khadim Afzal. What did Sami mean to Emma?

Liz White: "Sami was the love of Emma's life growing up. It was always a painful love with Sami because of their history where they had broken up before. But Emma realised she still had really strong feelings for him."

Arsher Ali as Samir Qureshi and Liz White as Emma Keane

Emma had recently rekindled her romance with old flame Sami (played by Arsher Ali)

Emma's day gets worse when she learns the police have failed to track down Khadim. Wanting justice for Sami, Emma takes matters into her own hands. Can you give us any teasers?

LW: "Well, Emma's quite flighty, very passionate and quite chaotic. She makes decisions sometimes that lead her to be in a bit of a mess."

Emma and Moeen

Emma's mission to get justice for Sami upsets his grieving father Moeen (Kriss Dosanjh)

And as Emma mourns her loss, it looks like the school's production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream could be in jeopardy, too. What happens?

LW: "Emma started off with real momentum organising this play thinking it would be a good idea. But Emma's commitment wanes because of what's happened, so head teacher Mandy has to step in and help out with rehearsals."

If Emma is able to move on could PE teacher Will Simpson - who she had a brief fling with - hold the key to her happiness?

LW: "Emma has to decide whether to let go of the past and move on – and whether Will is the right person to move on with. There's a chance for real feelings to develop."

What's it like working with the young actors on this show?

LW: "The kids warm my soul every day. They're just so lovely and genuine and try really hard. For a lot of them this is their first experience of an acting job but they’re having to be responsible, turn up on time and sit through the boring bits and they just lift your day. Some of them STILL call me Miss Keane off-camera. I just go along with it, I don’t mind."

This episode of Ackley Bridge airs on Tuesday July 10 at 8pm on Channel 4.

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