Aneurin Barnard calls The White Queen a 'mixed bag'

The White Queen's Aneurin Barnard has said that he had mixed feelings about his work on the BBC One drama.

The Welsh actor - who plays Richard, Duke Of Gloucester in the historical epic, admitted that while he loved being part of such a big show, he found it could be creatively limiting at times.

"You're working for BBC One, you know at the start of the job that it's going to be on 9pm on a Sunday and you know that it's going to be primetime so it's quite a nice thing to know."

However he also emphasised the shortcomings of the job.

"It gets tricky as well because the bigger the TV series or the film there's more people with more opinions you have to please and creatively you can't do things you want to because it's someone else's choice," the actor pointed out.

"You just have to make the best you possibly can in a very narrow working space because the powers that be above are making a decision and you kind of have to go with that.

"You can battle as much as you want but you are manipulated by the system when it comes to the big franchise jobs."

Aneurin recently revealed he would love to be considered as Matt Smith's replacement in Doctor Who, calling the part 'one of those roles that has lived through time'.