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Anne-Marie Duff says sense of humour is important during divorce

anne-marie duff, james mcavoy

Shameless star Anne-Marie Duff has spoken of the importance of keeping her sense of humour as she goes through divorce from James McAvoy.

Anne-Marie Duff said she had to retain her sense of humour during her divorce from James McAvoy.

The Shameless star, 46, wed the Scottish actor in 2006 and gave birth to son Brendan in 2010.

Last year they announced plans to split, but Anne-Marie has told the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella Magazine they continue to laugh all the time.

She said: “Divorce is a specific, grown-up experience, and inside of it you have to be as loving and prioritise your children and keep as much of a sense of humour as you can.

“James and I have always been very private people and we’re going to be consistent with that, but I understand that people want to know about it and that they have invested in us as a couple.”

She added: “There’s a lot of goodwill between us. And we do still laugh all the time.

“I cannot imagine a time in my life when he doesn’t make me belly laugh. We love being parents and he’s someone I’ll respect, always.”