Couch Potato's Tuesday Trivia: The Name of the Rose and a schoolboy crush

Actor Christian Slater was only 15 years old when he starred as Adso of Melk in the 1986 medieval thriller The Name of the Rose. Not only that but the teenager had a nude scene with the only actress in the film - the beautiful Valentina Vargas, who was much older (than him). She was 22 at the time.

Apparently, during the early stages of pre-production, the already cast Slater was asked to read with the three actresses auditioning for the role of 'the girl'.

However, as soon as he read with Chilean beauty Vargas, the young actor knew exactly who he wanted to film his nude scene with - he was smitten. So, he asked his casting agent mother to tell director Jean-Jacques Annaud to choose Vargas even before the other two actresses had auditioned. And, because Annaud was so amused by Slater's cheeky request, he decided to grant him his wish. Lucky boy.

The Name of the Rose is showing tonight - Tuesday 8th November - on BBC1 at 11.50pm

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