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BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker v The World's Strongest Man!

Dan Walker

And there was only one winner!!

BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker was delighted as he was lifted in the air by the world’s strongest man live on the morning programme.

Dan, who said he weighs 14-and-a-half stone, challenged Eddie Hall to bench press him as his co-host Louise Minchin watched on.

Dan said to Eddie: “I’ve got a feeling that I need you to bench press me, could you do it?”

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After spending a few seconds trying to work out their positioning, with Eddie holding on to the presenter’s thigh and arm, he succeeded in hoisting Dan clean into the air.

Eddie said, mid-lift: “I think we should have practised this beforehand, eh?”

Louise said it was “one of the most extraordinary things on Breakfast I have ever seen”.

Dan later joked that he thought he had “pulled” his groin after the on-air stunt.

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The presenter took to Twitter to share a picture of himself in mid-air above Eddie’s head, joking that it was “just your average day”.

He also responded to a fan on Twitter who said they had not “laughed so much first thing in a morning”.

Dan wrote: “14.5 stone (90 odd kg) lifted like a feather.”

Eddie, who holds the title of the World’s Strongest Man for 2017, was also seen on the morning programme bending a frying pan with his hands.

Breakfast airs on BBC One on weekdays at 6am.