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David Threlfall: No one knows I was Frank Gallagher after haircut

David Threlfall's overjoyed that losing Frank Gallagher's shaggy shoulder-length hair means he is no longer recognised on the street.

David bowed out as layabout Frank after a decade when Shameless ended earlier this year and changed the trademark hairdo to a more reserved, greying crop for his new role as mild-mannered, soon-to-be-retired detective Len Harper in BBC1 crime drama What Remains, which starts this Sunday.

"There has been absolutely zero recognition since I changed, which is fantastic," David tells TV & Satellite Week. "I wrapped Shameless on Saturday and was in the hairdressers on Sunday to start What Remains on Monday, so it is perhaps a good way to put one role down and pick another one up.

"Len is a decent, quiet man who cares about the people that are around him, so he is completely the other side to Frank which I was delighted about.  I have only played a copper once before so it is a different headset from what I have been used to, but I have always tried to keep a bit of variety about what I do workwise, I just happen to have been in a job that ran for 10 years."

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