Emmerdale star Daisy Campbell teases who the father of Amelia’s baby is

Amelia in Emmerdale
Amelia's baby news is soon revealed – but who is the father? (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale star Daisy Campbell has hinted fans are soon going to find out who got Amelia pregnant, and teased it will be a huge twist in her character’s scandalous storyline. 

Schoolgirl Amelia was stunned to discover she was expecting a few weeks ago and has kept it quiet, apart from confiding in Charity and Noah. 

Next week's Emmerdale sees the secret exposed when the whole village, including Amelia’s dad Dan, finds out and all hell breaks loose! 

“Dan still sees Amelia as a little girl but she’s growing up and he has to accept that,” reveals Daisy, who plays the pregnant teen. “She wanted to tell him about the pregnancy on his own but it all comes out before she gets a chance!

“Everything Amelia dreaded starts to happen and it’s a nightmare turned into a reality. She’d been holding in this secret, now suddenly everyone knows and she feels very vulnerable.” 

Dan in Emmerdale

Dan is shocked to discover his daughter is pregnant next week.  (Image credit: ITV)

Amelia has refused to name her baby daddy, and swiftly shut down initial theories it was Noah as it’s now been confirmed they never slept together, despite the teen having a huge crush on the Dingle lad for months. 

But that doesn’t stop Dan from attacking Noah as he, like the rest of us, leaps to the conclusion he’s got his daughter up the duff when the shock news breaks!

“Noah has been awful to Amelia in the past but he’s really supported her through the pregnancy and even goes to the scan so she’s not on her own. It bonds them and pushes the pair into becoming a proper couple.”

Emmerdale Amelia

Amelia was horrified to find out she was pregnant. (Image credit: ITV)

So if Noah’s not the father, but has promised to stand by Amelia, who is? And when will we be put out of our misery in this epic guessing game? “You’re going to know very soon,” says Daisy. “All I’ll say is I don’t think it’s someone people will expect.

“Me and Liam Fox, who plays Amelia’s dad Dan, actually came up with the idea for this storyline ages ago and suggested it to the producers, including who the dad would be, so I’ve known all along!”

Despite only being 15, Daisy reckons her alter ego is up to the job of parenthood. “I think she’ll be an amazing mother. Amelia is a lot older than her years and very wise. She lost her mum, Ali, at a young age and never really dealt with it, so having a child might help her heal a little from that.”

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