Ex Dynasty star Emma Samms: ‘I’ve still got some of Fallon’s clothes!’

Ex Dynasty star Emma Samms: ‘I’ve still got some of Fallon’s clothes’
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They’d no doubt come in very handy for an 80s night…

Actress Emma Samms has revealed that she still owns some of the outfits worn by her character Fallon Carrington in the hit 80s US soap, Dynasty.

The actress opened up to whatsontv.co.uk about her time on the show, ahead of an upcoming guest stint in BBC1 daytime soap, Doctors. The 57 year old will be reprising her role as Jimmi Clay’s ex wife, Amanda Vardalis, and will be on screens from next week.

Asked whether she still has some of Fallon’s glamorous outfits, Emma – who starred in Dynasty from 1985-1989 (and its sister show, The Colbys during 1985 – 1987), told us: “Yes I do. They’re pretty spectacular, and a museum asked to borrow them recently, which just goes to show what an iconic programme that was, and how lucky I was to have been part of it. They’re in the back of my wardrobe.”

But she insisted that the back of the wardrobe is where they stay, and she isn’t tempted to occasionally try them on. “I think that might be a bit depressing!" she laughs. "Funnily enough, though, a lot of my clothes weren’t the quintessential big-shouldered things, because Fallon’s style was a little more muted. It was more strapless and that sort of thing. So some of them would probably be wearable these days.”

Emma, who replaced original Fallon actress Pamela Sue Martin, added that, almost thirty years after Dynasty ended, she is still in contact with some of her co-stars.

“I keep in touch with Ray Abruzzo, who was my leading man in the last couple of seasons - he played the policeman, John Zorelli,’ she tells us, "And I’m in touch with Jack Coleman a little bit, who played Fallon’s brother, Steven.

“And, of course, I run into Joan (Collins) every now and then in London, and Stephanie Beacham too.”

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