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Ex Holby City star plays BOTH identical twins in Doctors

Doctors, Gareth Regan, Adam Regan played by ex Holby City star Edward MacLiam
(Image credit: BBC)

Double take!

Former Holby City star Edward MacLiam is playing both identical twins in BBC1 soap Doctors.

Fans of the daytime hit have been wondering whether identical twins Adam and Gareth Regan are played by real-life identical twins or the same actor.

Well, we can confirm that Adam and Gareth are in fact both played by the same actor and that star is Edward, who is known to Holby City fans for his role between 2010 and 2012 as Irish registrar Greg Douglas.

Doctors, Zara Carmichael, Adam Regan

Zara Carmichael was intrigued when she first heard about Adam Regan's twin brother, Gareth on Doctors... and so were fans! (Image credit: BBC)

Wednesday’s Doctors saw double trouble for Zara Carmichael as her new fella Adam moved into Emma Reid’s B & B service with his twin Gareth.

Gareth has come onto the scene after being booted out by his wife, and Zara was certainly intrigued when she met Gareth for the first time.

However, yesterday’s Doctors saw a dark turn as Adam confessed to Zara that he’s very concerned about his brother.

Gareth is hitting rock bottom after losing his wife, job and is now the subject of an investigation into medical negligence...

Greg's got competition...

Edward back in his Holby City days as as Irish registrar Greg Douglas (Image credit: BBC)

Clever camera trickery is used when one actor plays two roles in the same show and Edward is far from the first actor to take on multiple parts. Hayley Mills played identical twins in the 1961 film The Parent Trap, while Tilda Swinton pulled off the same trick in 2016’s Hail, Caesar!

Meanwhile, Michael J Fox famously played several different parts in the Back to the Future films, including Marty McFly’s daughter!

As well as Holby City and Doctors, Irish-born Edward's long career CV also includes parts in EastEnders, Silent Witness and Waking the Dead.

Doctors continues weekdays on BBC1.