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Fearne Cotton reveals her depression battle

fearne cotton
(Image credit: PA Wire/PA Images)

TV presenter Fearne Cotton says she was prescribed anti-depressants during a struggle with depression

Fearne Cotton has revealed she once battled depression, which left her feeling 'drained' and 'alienated'.

The TV and radio presenter, 35, suffered from the illness a few years ago when she was working as a morning presenter at Radio 1, according to reports.

She said in her new book, Happy, that she had to take anti-depressants and make other changes in her life to help her cope.

“I felt so drained and my lust for everything that I love wasn’t there any more,” Fearne was quoted as saying.

Fearne Cotton (Ian West/PA)

Fearne Cotton (Ian West/PA)


“I’m very optimistic by nature, I wake up in the morning and I’m very excited about my day, I’m so pumped and enthusiastic about the smaller things in life and that was dead.

“Everything was a drag and felt heavy. I felt anti-social, cut-off, alienated and they were massive warning signs.”

Mum-of-two Fearne – who is married to Jesse Wood, son of Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood – sought help from a doctor and was prescribed anti-depressants for a brief period.

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Other changes included cutting back on work and socialising and 'letting go of 'perfect''.

She said: “I was trying to do so many things and putting so much pressure on myself – and why? Perfect doesn’t exist.”