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Fortitude star Richard Dormer: ‘It’s the best part I’ve played!’

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Game of Thrones star Richard Dormer on sheriff Dan Anderssen’s swansong in the gripping Arctic thriller Fortitude

Across two series of Sky Atlantic's Arctic chiller Fortitude, Sheriff Dan Anderssen - played by former Game of Thrones actor Richard Dormer - has gone from the remote settlement's good shepherd to a very scary big, bad wolf.

As the show returns for one last series, his rollercoaster ride is far from over as the fallout from a deadly infection caused by wasp larvae in a thawed-out mammoth carcass, is far from over.

TV & Satellite Week caught up with the 49-year-old northern Irish actor on set to find out what's in store in Fortitude

TV & Satellite Week: How does the role of Dan in terms of the more extreme parts you've played?

Richard Dormer: "This is the best part I’ve ever played! Dan’s a monster, but there’s a deep humanity in him. That’s what I hold on to when I’m playing him. That he could redeem himself – although whether or not he does, I don’t want to say!"

Richard Dormer in Fortitude

Richard Dormer loves his role in Arctic thriller Fortitude

TVSW: What's happening him in this final four-part series?

RD: "He’s seeing some interesting things that other people can’t see. He’s now addicted to muscimol juice [made from the urine of reindeer that have eaten hallucinogenic mushrooms]. Eskimos used to drink this to be able to have visions of the afterlife. So Dan can now communicate with the people who he has killed."

TVSW: What was it like filming in such freezing conditions?

RD: "Being on a snowmobile going across the tundra when it’s about -35 with a wind chill of -50, you can get frostbite on your nose and cheeks within 30 seconds. And if you’re just going out for a walk, you’ve got to tell somebody, because if you slip and get knocked unconscious, you’re dead in 15 minutes - so you have to be really careful!"

Fortitude returns on Sky Atlantic on Thu 6 Dec, 9pm