Game of Thrones tops list of most disappointing TV finales

Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones has topped a list for the most disappointing finales.

It's easy to invest many hours into a series, but sadly, not all TV finales quite live up to fan expectations.

Many viewers have been let down by disappointing TV series finales, with the top spot going to a popular modern series.

A whopping 87% of those surveyed by OnBuy Electronics Team (opens in new tab) were dissappointed by the Game of finale.

The fantasy epic ran for eight seasons, but the final episode failed to impress many viewers.

Viewers on IMDb voted on the finale out of 10, and it only scored an average of 4.1.

Why did viewers hate the Game of Thrones ending?

After spending many episodes speculating who would sit on the Iron Throne, viewers were disappointed to discover no one ever would.

The final episode saw the throne destroyed by a dragon, and Daenerys' potential reign abruptly ended as she was murdered by Jon Snow.

And it was Bran Stark who was selected to reign over Westeros, a twist which no one saw coming.

In addition to this, the famed Seven Kingdoms were no more, as Sansa Stark withdrew the North from the land.

So, for some viewers, it felt like a huge anticlimax given how much time they'd invested in it.

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Which other shows made the list?

Second place went to How I Met Your Mother, a long running comedy which ran for nine seasons.

But 54% of viewers were let down by the finale, which saw Ted Mosby finally meeting the mother of his children.

Sherlock's "disappointing plot twist" ranked third, with 42% admitting they felt let down by the finale.

BBC Sherlock

Interestingly, some telly fans were let down by Sherlock too...

Lost and Dexter also let some fans down, and were chosen by 27% and 29% of those surveyed as the "most disappointing".

Lost ran for 6 seasons, but unfortunately fans were let down by the way they chose to wrap up the fantasy series.

And Dexter's huge ending didn't go down well with some fans either, after 8 seasons building up to it.

Others that made the top ten included Prison Break (16%), Gossip Girl (13%) , Two and a Half Men (12%), How to Get Away with Murder (11%) and Vampire Dairies (11%).

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