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Gogglebox fans left in tears after show favourite Jenny Newby discusses crippling health battle

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It was a sad scene during Friday night’s episode…

Gogglebox viewers were left reaching for a box of tissues after heartbreaking scenes aired during Friday night’s episode.

Instead of the usual laughter-filled commentary on TV programmes from some of our favourite families, viewers were instead hit with show favourite, Jenny Newby’s emotional reaction to an arthritis advert.

After viewing the charity, Versus Arthritis’ latest advert, Jenny – who has suffered with arthritis for many years – detailed the impact the condition has on her everyday life.

Speaking to her best friend Lee Riley, with whom she has starred on the show with since 2014, Jenny became visibly emotional as she her arthritis leaves her unable to perform everyday tasks, such as opening tins of food or fastening her coat, without help.

She also said: ‘I’ve suffered with arthritis for a while now. I think something people don’t realise is the impact the condition has on simple everyday life.

‘I really do think we should change that by being able to talk about it openly. It’s really important to me.’

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Viewers were touched by Jenny’s admission, with some even admitting they had been moved to tears, while others thanked her for bringing awareness to the debilitating condition.

One fan commented: ‘Crying so much right now at that arthritis advert. Jenny crying is making me cry even more basically just sitting in a puddle of tears now.’

Another said: ‘Oh my god... I just want to give Jenny @C4Gogglebox a big hug!! Never feel stupid because of Arthritis.. Your Amazing’.

And a third added: ‘Aww Jenny, horrible to see you cry & obviously suffer, but thank you for bringing awareness to #arthritis’.

While a fourth said: ‘Jenny on #Gogglebox spoke for the millions of people in the UK with arthritis! I am one of those and that’s why I am #VersusArthritis’

Versus Arthritis’ advert aims to shine a spotlight on the condition, which causes painful inflammation of the joints and affects 10million people in the UK.