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HQ Trivia is now on Apple TV

Have you ever taken a look back on your life and wondered just what it was you did with yourself? Whether anything you did from birth until the day you die will actually matter? Whether you'll touch lives, or take lives or leave some other actually tangible mark on society?

I wonder that sometimes.

Also: HQ Live Trivia is now available on Apple TV.

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If you've somehow missed the HQ Trivia fad, it's a live trivia game in which a robot an impossibly normal looking host walks you through a series of trivia questions. You get one right, you move on. Get 'em all right and you have the chance at possibly maybe somehow winning a tiny bit of money. How much you bank will depend on how many other people got all the questions right, too, and whether HQ's servers stayed up. Games usually take place at 3 p.m. Eastern, or 9 p.m. Eastern (or 8 p.m. Eastern in the summer). It's all designed to keep your eyeballs glued on HQ as long as possible.

And, heaven help us, we can now do so from bed.