'I wanted to finish off Whitechapel' says Rupert Penry-Jones

Rupert Penry-Jones played D.I. Joseph Chandler for four series

Rupert Penry-Jones has spoken of his anguish at ITV's cancellation of cult series Whitechapel last year and lashed out at the broadcaster for scheduling it during the summer holidays.

Rupert starred as DI Joseph Chandler in the scary show which revolved around a gory crimes in east London and claimed channel bosses ditched the show before it had reached its peak.

"I was very disappointed when it was axed," said Rupert, who's currently starring in hit BBC legal drama Silk.

"I think we deserved the chance to finish it off because it was a great idea. I understand if they didn't want to do another six-parter but they could have given us a two-parter just to explain what the hell was going on! I would have liked the chance to finish off what we were doing!

"Unfortunately they put the last series out at the end of the summer holidays!" he continued. "If I was a punter I wouldn't want to watch Whitechapel at the end of the summer holidays so we didn't off to a great start and for ITV it's very much about the overnight viewing figures. It's not one of those shows that people like to watch on their own."

Following the revival of recently axed BBC drama Ripper Street by Lovefilm, there have been rumours circulating that Whitechapel might get also be brought back from the dead, yet when asked if he thought it was a possibilty, Rupert said he didn't think a return was on the cards.

He may not be doing any more Whitechapel, but he will probably be staying in the UK after confessing that he doesn't enjoy life in LA.

"I find the way it makes me feel I don't like," he said. "You go out to California and unless you're a movie star you feel like a failure and I don't like feeling like a failure! If they come calling me then I'll certainly give it a go but I'm not going to go banging on doors. It's just too demeaning."


Sean Marland

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