Judge Rinder reveals his most memorable case - it involves a mankini! - as he clocks up 1,000 cases

Judge Rinder reveals his most memorable case - it involves a mankini! - as he clocks up 1,000 TV cases

Judge Robert Rinder plans to celebrate his 1,000th case next week [Tuesday 17th April] in style

Judge Rinder, aka barrister Robert Rinder, is clocking up his 1000th case on his daytime courtroom series next Tuesday – and ITV has some special surprises in store to celebrate!

So Rob, how does it feel to have reached your 1000th case?

Judge Rinder: "It feels lovely. I’m genuinely proud of the show and ITV has even given me golden gavel as a present! I asked for a raise and instead they bought me a toy, which was very sweet of them. It’s not real gold. I blame Brexit!"

Judge Rinder is about to clock up 1,000 cases!

Judge Rinder is about to clock up 1,000 cases!

We hear there are special plans afoot…

JR: "Yes, I’m going to be ITV’s continuity announcer for the day to celebrate. I’ve always wanted to do it. Imagine the fun you can have if you say what you’re really thinking: ‘Well, that was boring wasn’t it…now for something hopefully a bit more entertaining.’ I’ll be a mini Gogglebox critic!"

Tell us more about your 1000th case…

JR: "It made me chuckle so much! Three women cause havoc in a pub when they get very merry and perform a dance move clinging onto the bar, ballet style. It’s a kind of drunken enthusiastic version of what Darcey Bussell might do in the morning. Then a fourth woman comes along and joins in with sheer Babycham enthusiasm and sadly the bar comes crashing down and the landlord’s not happy!"

Oh dear! Which Judge Rinder cases have been the most memorable for you?

JR: "The lime green mankini case which involved a group of musicians from Manchester, a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and an 80-year-old dancer all captured on video. It will never be erased from my memory."

Do you sometimes struggle to keep a straight face?

JR: "If I have a case where I ask, ‘Where did you have your teeth done’ and the person answers, ‘In my mouth’, you have to laugh. I’m strict but only human."

Which emotional cases have got under your skin?

JR: "There was one recently where a dad had fallen on hard times and the mother of his daughter had moved to the Canary Islands. When he saw his daughter for the first time in the courtroom it was incredibly moving."

How has doing Judge Rinder changed your life?

JR: "More people know who I am! People are always lovely and polite when they ask for selfies. I suspect that’s because they worry I could send them to prison."

The show also led you to do Strictly in 2016. Did you enjoy taking to the dance floor?

JR: "It was amazing and I made such good friends. Even after 18 months we’re all really close and keep on touch on WhatsApp."

Have you showed off any dance moves since?

JR: "The dances I liked the most are all from the 19th century. Sadly there’s not much opportunity to suddenly break into a foxtrot or quickstep."

Will you ever be tempted to do a reality series?

JR: "I can categorically say you will NEVER ever see me eating a kangaroo testicle or dancing around on ice. I loved stripping off for Loose Women’s body confidence campaign. I’d be a Loose Man anytime! According to Twitter, I’m a ‘BOBFOC’ – Body of Baywatch, Face of Crimewatch!"

What’s coming up next for you?

JR: "I’ve got my third series of Crime Stories, which takes real cases and gives a platform to the victims who’ve been affected and also the police who have solved them. I’m incredibly proud of it."

Tess Lamacraft
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