Keith Lemon: 'I wanted my leggings tighter than Olivia Newton-John's, so I painted my legs black!'

Keith Lemon: 'I wanted my leggings tighter than Olivia Newton-John's, so I painted my legs black!'
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A surprise hit of last year, The Keith & Paddy Picture Show is back for a second series this week, paying homage to more of the best-loved movies around. Here, Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness reveal what's in store...

Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness on the joys of filming series two of The Keith & Paddy Picture Show…

After re-creating such classic films as Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters and Jaws the first time around, Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness are back to lampoon a new bunch of much-loved movies – as only they can – as The Keith & Paddy Picture Show returns for a new series.

The first film being given the Keith and Paddy treatment is cult musical Grease. This will be followed by Pretty Woman, Top Gun, Terminator II and Jurassic Park, with Gremlins airing as a Christmas special. Here, Keith and Paddy – both 44 – give us the lowdown on the films they're sending up…


Keith and Paddy Picture Show Grease

Get ready for some Summer Lovin’ as Keith and Paddy re-create Grease, the classic musical made famous by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John…

Keith Lemon: In the original film, Olivia Newton-John was sewn into her leggings for the finale song You’re The One The I Want. But because I wanted mine to be tighter than hers, I went a bit further and painted my legs black! Paddy: Playing Danny Zuko was a bit like when I was being Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, you kind of watch them a lot, pick up on little nuances then lampoon it to within an inch of its life. Keith: Stacey Solomon is Frenchy and Emma Willis is Rizzo. Me hanging around with the ladies all day while Paddy was with the T Birds, I sometimes felt like I was hanging around with the wrong gang!

Top Gun

Keith and Paddy Picture Show Top Gun

Keith and Paddy pay homage to the Eighties’ action film, starring Tom Cruise as aspiring fighter pilot Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell…

Keith: I make a very good Tom Cruise, don’t I Paddy? Paddy: Yes, you’re a fantastic Maverick. That for me is the highlight of the series! And Marc Warren is brilliant as Iceman. We almost killed him with hypothermia, though, because we filmed on Camber Sands beach, it was minus three and we had him topless doing the volleyball scene. We nearly finished him off! It was very cold. Keith: Maverick does have a little kiss with Iceman…. Paddy: We filmed the flying scenes in a real cockpit from a Tornado Jet. Then it’s all green screen and stock footage, which is exactly what they used in the original Top Gun and we did it the same.

Terminator II

Terminator Rick Astley

They’ll be back! Keith and Paddy send up the popular sequel to The Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cyborg assassin…

Paddy: I was doing a scene with Eighties’ pop star Rick Astley, he plays T-1000, and I was like: ‘I can’t believe it’s him, I used to listen to him when I was a kid!’ He plays it dead straight, so when he comes round the corner staring right at you, it gives you chills! Keith: Rick was amazing and he was happy to get naked as well. In the scenes where T-1000 comes down to earth in a little electric ball of fire, Rick had his top off and I felt bad for him because it was freezing. So I felt obliged to get naked, too!

Jurassic Park

Expect dinosaurs galore as Keith and Paddy lampoon the first film in the popular adventure franchise, starring Richard Attenborough…

Jurassic Park Keith Paddy Sian

Keith: Filming the dinosaur scenes was amazing! I was so excited! We used a mix of CGI and puppets. I don’t mean a daft puppet with boggly eyes, they looked proper real! When we were being chased by the raptors it was easy to act cause it genuinely made me jump! I don’t like lizards and snakes and stuff. In fact, I don’t like many animals. I like Chihuahuas though! Paddy: Sian Gibson (Car Share) plays Lex. I know Sian from my Phoenix Nights days but we’ve never worked together since then, so it was great to get her on board. We just laughed from start to finish.

Pretty Woman

Keith and Paddy Pretty Woman

Keith and Paddy re-imagine the Nineties’ romcom starring Richard Gere as a businessman who falls in love with an escort, played by Julia Roberts…

Keith: I’m playing Julia Roberts and Paddy does a really good Richard Gere! We do the scene with the necklace in the box, we do the scene in the bath and we make sweet love on a piano – don't forget that Paddy! Paddy: Oh, I certainly won't forget that! I don't mind the steamy scenes, though. I get more stressed about having to put all the prosthetics on. I hate all that but Keith loves it. We can have a laugh with sex scenes – but when you’re in some weird, uncomfortable costume all day and you can't take it off, it's horrendous. Keith: We try and choose films everyone knows. It puts a lovely nostalgic feeling in people's hearts when they watch it.

To get you in the mood, here's a trailer for the new series:


The Keith & Paddy Picture Show starts on Saturday April 14 at 9.25pm on ITV.

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