Matt Smith reveals plans to return to Doctor Who!

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith proved that there was life after David Tennant’s Time Lord in BBC1’s Doctor Who

There have been many iterations of Doctor Who over the years, and one man who certainly made his mark in the iconic role is Matt Smith.

The 35-year-old actor won over legions of fans with his portrayal of the legendary Doctor in 2013, before making his exit to make way for the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

And although fans are now eagerly awaiting Jodie Whittaker's debut as the brand new Doctor, Matt Smith has revealed he has big plans to return to the show one day - even alongside the first ever female Doctor.

In an interview with MTV, when asked if he'd ever make a return to the iconic tardis, Matt admitted, “Yeah. Why not? I’d come back.

"Yeah, if the timing was right."

However, he did confess that his return wouldn't be for at least a few years, to give the 13th Doctor enough time to make her mark in the BBC One series.

He continued, “I think we’ve gotta give a few years to Miss Whittaker to get the Tardis under her belt, as it were, and then yeah – one day.”

Eight million watch Matt Smith's Doctor Who debut

Eight million watch Matt Smith's Doctor Who debut

And then, seeming to confirm his eventual return, Matt confessed, “Look, I’ll be back one day – when I’m old and grey. Which isn’t far off…”

How exciting!

However, with his years of experience behind him, Matt did have some sage wisdom to offer Jodie following the news of her exciting new role as the Doctor.

He said, "I'll tell Jodie what I told Peter - listen to no one. Yep, listen to no one."

We reckon that's pretty solid advice for someone looking to make their own stamp on an already supremely popular character.

Matt's take on new Doctor Jodie...

But in a recent interview, Matt Smith also gave his seal of approval to Jodie, admitting that the show always needs 'bold ideas' - for example, the first ever female Doctor.

Jodie Whittaker: Doctor Who wasn’t family viewing in our house

(Image credit: BBC/Steve Schofield)

At a recent press event for The Crown series 2, he confessed, "I think Doctor Who is a bit like Shakespeare.

"It needs expression and it needs courage and bold ideas – and I think Chris [Chibnall, showrunner] and his team will bring all that to the show, so I just sit back as a fan and watch what happens.

"So I absolutely don't see why [the Doctor] can't be a girl."

Doctor Who is rumoured to return to BBC One in Autumn 2018.

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