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Mel Smith's 5 greatest comedy sketches (VIDEO)

As a tribute to the magical comedy of Mel Smith, who sadly passed away last Friday, the What's On TV office has chosen our 5 favourite 'Mel Smith' comedy sketches, taken from his BBC series Not The Nine O Clock News and Alas Smith & Jones. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as us...

1 Drunken darts!

Mel as Guy 'Fat Belly' Gutbucket playing against Griff' Rhys Jones as Tommy 'Even Fatter Belly' Belcher in a boozy darts match with a twist.

2 Gorilla grief!

Mel's Professor Timothy Fielding was having a torrid time with a pretentious gorilla called Gerald who sounds suspiciously like Rowan Atkinson.

3 The Two Ninnies

The Two Ronnies were the comedy greats of the 1970s and 1980s but they weren't beyond a bit of spoofing by Mel and Griff in The Two Ninnies...

4 Nazi knocker!

Always good to send up a Nazi, as Mel did here playing General Gruber, who was always being fitted for a new uniform!

5 You've been Ad!

Mel's shows always had plenty of parody, and here's a brilliant spoof of a cheeky chappy advert. Move over any Kwik-Fit fitters!