Michelle Keegan: I couldn't face my dad while we watched Our Girl sex scene

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Michelle Keegan says it was her father rather than her husband Mark Wright she found most difficult to face while watching intimate Our Girl scene

Our Girl star Michelle Keegan has revealed she was more concerned about her father seeing her act out sex scenes than her husband, Mark Wright.

She said she could not bring herself to look at her family when they sat down together for the screening of series two of the military drama.

Asked who she was most nervous about seeing her feature in intimate scenes, she told ITV’s The Jonathan Ross Show: “Not so much my partner but… I’m going to be honest, my dad.

“He came to the screening with my mum and I was sat on the other side with the cast, and I remember my brother was sat between my mum and my dad, and I remember the scene coming on and I couldn’t look in that direction once, I couldn’t do it.

“And we haven’t even spoken about it since, I just can’t bring it up to him. He totally understands it’s acting.”

The former Coronation Street star, 29, is currently playing footballer Bobby Moore’s ex-wife Tina in an upcoming ITV drama about the West Ham player’s romantic life.

Michelle in Our Girl

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After a read-through on the show’s set, she described the former Mrs Moore as 'warm and welcoming'.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s very intimidating because you want to do it well for them and you want to do the story justice,” Michelle said. “But she was lovely. She’s so warm and welcoming, she was a really nice lady.”

Comparing the story with her own experience of maintaining a high-profile relationship with presenter and former TOWIE star Mark, she said: “I could relate to the story and the reason why Tina found it hard.”

Mark and Michelle

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However, she admitted the key difference was that she does not 'really understand football'.

She also shared the moment Mark pulled out all the stops to propose to her when the pair were on holiday in Dubai, and said: “When we first started speaking, actually, I did say that one day I’d like to get proposed (to) in white dress and all that, the fairytale.

“He told me a story that on the beach there was going to be a white party, so I got a white dress, didn’t think anything of it because it was two years down the line, but he had it all planned out so I wore the white dress, I was on the beach it was very romantic.”

It has been a busy two years for Michelle since she left the popular ITV soap opera, but she revealed that the prospect of moving on was 'daunting' at first.

“It’s trying to make the right choices as well,” she said. “I went for a lot of auditions and got sent a lot of scripts and it is very daunting, leaving a soap, because you’ve had the safety net of being in the same character for years and years, and it is about making the right decisions and making your own path as well.”


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