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Monsters: Dark Continent | Blu-ray release - Misfits director Tom Green unleashes a thrilling creature feature

Out today on Blu-ray and DVD comes the Entertainment One release, Monsters: Dark Continent, an explosive sequel to Gareth Edwards’s 2010 sci-fi thriller sleeper hit.

Directed by Tom Green (Channel 4's Misfits), the sequel is set 10 years on from the events of Monsters. With the Infected Zones now spread worldwide and humanity in retreat in many parts of the world, the US is moving to protect its overseas interests. Giant, terrifying sand bugs infest the Arabian Desert, so troops have been sent in to firebomb the creatures, carting their bodies away on giant trucks to be incinerated. In this hostile environment, two soldiers are sent on a high-risk rescue mission…

If you fancy seeing Blackhawk Down or The Hurt Locker with hordes of fantastic creatures roaming the landscape as soldiers do what soldiers do best, then this thrilling sci-fi adventure is just the ticket.