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Raised by Wolves' Helen Monks: 'Playing young Caitlin Moran was a big feat!' (VIDEO)

(Image credit: Adam Lawrence)

Helen Monks has admitted she found it a 'big feat' playing a young Caitlin Moran, in new Channel 4 sitcom, Raised by Wolves.

Helen plays 15-year-old Germaine Garry in the sitcom, which is based on the upbringings of the show’s sibling writers Caitlin and Caz Moran.

Helen told "It felt like a very big feat to play Caitlin at 15 but it's been quite a long process now that it’s become very normal.

“If I stop completely idolising her as this genius figurehead and just see her as Caitlin the normal human being, which has taken a while but I’m now sort of there-ish, it’s a joy really."

She went on to describe her chracter Germaine as ‘sexually charged’, explaining that: “Germaine believes herself to be the most beautiful, the most funny and the most amazing woman. It’s so exciting to play a 15-year-old who genuinely believes herself to be beautiful and therefore IS. All the women in this are unapologetic with their own identities."

Helen’s co-star Alexa Davies, who plays 'angry' Aretha Garry, believes the sitcom champions women. She said: “This programme absolutely celebrates women; everything that we can be and everything that we are is completely accepted, no matter what that is.”

Raised by Wolves starts on Monday March 16 at 10pm on Channel 4.

Watch our interview with Helen Monks and Alexa Davies, above...