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Sally Lindsay: My husband was a bit 'Oh hullo!' when I got racy Ordinary Lies role (VIDEO)

(Image credit: Doug Peters)

Ordinary Lies star Sally Lindsay reveals she had a bit of an awkward conversation with her husband when she secured the racy role in the the hit BBC1 drama.

Sally played receptionist Kathy in the series set in a Warrington car sales yard, a woman whose husband is impotent and decides she will get her needs fulfilled with a no-strings attached affair.

Sally told What's on TV at the National TV Awards: "It was such a gift to do. The minute I got the script I was like if I don't get this job I'm going to cry and I've not said that for 20 years. I just go into auditions then walk out again. It was so brilliant. And I didn't even have my episode by then, that was Jason's [Manford] I auditioned on. Imagine when I got mine... It was 'WHAT?!' That was an interesting chat with my husband!"

Sally added: "My mum couldn't see the first bit, the bedroom bit, but she absolutely loved [the series]. She's a social worker, you can't really shock her. I think my husband was a bit 'Oh hullo!' But it's all right, he knows what I do."

Ordinary Lies was also important to her on another level. "It's been great for me because I've done comedy for so long, by choice actually, because I cried so much on Coronation Street, so it was lovely to do that level of deep drama again."

Watch Sally Lindsay chat on the red carpet at the NTAs, above. "]

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