Doctor Foster returns! Suranne Jones: 'If Gemma had therapy we wouldn't have series 2' (VIDEO)'

In a video interview with What's On TV Suranne Jones reveals that Doctor Foster series two is even darker than the first...

With new pictures and trailers for Doctor Foster series 2 trickling through it is safe to say excitement is growing... and What's on TV caught up with the star Suranne Jones.

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If the first series left you wondering what the future was for Gemma (Suranne) and Simon, played by Bertie Carvel, you were not alone.

But in fact, Suranne didn't think there was a second series in it at first.

Speaking to What's On TV, the actress revealed that it was Mike Bartlett, the show's writer, who convinced her there was a second series to the first, which explored an explosive adultery and revenge storyline for the married couple.

Suranne explained series two explores how people can never really separate if they have a child.

She said: "It's about when Simon comes back into Gemma's life and how two people who hate each other navigate their situation when everyone else has looked the other way."

Suranne explained that the thrill of the first series was the affair, but the second series also contained lots of twists and turns.

She said: "There is a darker sexual tension and I think sex and hate work really well together in the hands of Mike Bartlett on a TV show."

The actress joked that if Gemma had received therapy a second series might not have happened. She revealed that Gemma 'channels her hatred and it's this town ain't big enough for the both of us'.

As for why Suranne thinks Doctor Foster is so gripping, she says it is down to the fact that people can relate to it.

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She said: "You know you can sit on your sofa and go 'Oh My god, what if that happened to me? We are... Simon and Gemma are everybody."

Suranne added: "You know, and I think that is the beauty of it, that you are sat kind of thinking well if my life fell apart what would I do?"

Doctor Foster series 2 is likely to premiere on BBC1 in early September.

Interview by Caren Clark