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T-Mobile TVision helps you get an Apple TV 4K on the cheap — but you might not want to

Apple TV
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Apple TV 4K (opens in new tab) has been our No. 1 streaming hardware for some time now. It's powerful, has all the features and specs you want — and it's the perfect addition if you're all in on Apple products anyway.

And now T-Mobile can get you one for just $99 (it's usually $179) if you sign up for its new TVision streaming TV service.

But there's a very good reason why you might well want to pass up this $100 deal. This model is getting long in the tooth. This is the fifth generation of Apple TV, and it was unveiled on Sept. 22, 2017 — more than three years ago at this point. That means we're expecting a refresh any day now.

It doesn't mean that the current Apple TV 4K is a bad product. The one I bought in 2017 runs just as good today as it does then. And it should continue to work really well for years to come — it's just a matter of when apps will stop supporting it. (The third-generation Apple TV just lost support for HBO, for instance, and it was released in 2012.)

So if you're getting T-Mobile TVision and want to take advantage of a $99 Apple TV 4K, have at it. That's a great price for a great box.

Just know that there's probably something better coming down the pike pretty shortly.

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