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The Durrells star Daisy Waterstone: 'Keeley has taught me so much!'

Margo in The Durrells

Margo actress reflects on her time on the show.

Margo has always had a lot on her plate in The Durrells, surrounded by three brothers and bunch of animals! But now she's soul-searching in England she might find she misses her family more than she thought she would.

Star Daisy Waterstone, 24, reflects on Margo's journey, and tells us about her own life-changing experience working with Keeley Hawes on hit drama The Durrells.

What’s still to come for Margo this series?

Daisy Waterstone: "Margo has gone back to England to find herself but it’s 1939 and war is about to break out. After learning a bit more about herself she begins to think, ‘Hang on, I really want to be with my family’. That’s where she feels she really belongs, back on Corfu. Oh and when it comes to Margo there’s always a love interest around. You can guarantee there’ll be someone on the way!"

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Will you stay in touch with the rest of the cast?

DW: "Yes, it's been so nice gaining extra brothers – I had three before I joined the show, so now I've got six! My real brothers are much older than me, so it's really nice to have some who are roughly the same age – we get up to so much mischief.

"When we're together it's like we're 10 years old, it’s unlike any of my other friendships. We go back to being kids and just have a laugh and the best time. I know that's not going to end, because we're going to be friends forever. But it'll be sad not seeing each other every day and not acting together as well, they’re special people."

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Have you stolen anything from set?

DW: "I took some of Margo's make-up. I love that in the 1930s people really did have proper belongings, like special hair brushes that people gave them, and mirrors, and suitcases with initials on – I’ve tried to take a lot of that kind of stuff that belonged to Margo."

How has the show changed your life?

DW: "Keeley Hawes has taught me so much, without even knowing she has. When we first started this job I hadn't had much filming experience, I had only done roles for one or two days. But doing one on one scenes with Keeley was so great, she treated me as if I was a professional already when I really wasn't at all and she really settled me into being an actor. I don't think I'd feel like a professional yet if it wasn't for her. I’ll always be thankful for the confidence she has given me.

"Playing Margo, she started as a very moody young girl but now she’s so happy and strong, and she’s taught me is to really have a go at life. Even if you fail it doesn't matter, you can try something else and keep pushing to make yourself happy. She’s really brought that out in me and I'm so lucky to have played someone like Margo, she’s taught me to be brave."

What does the future hold for you?

DW: "I am attached to a series, but it hasn't been greenlit yet. That won't be until the end of 2019. I've been on some auditions again, I haven't done them for a while so I get very nervous, I need to get back into the swing of things. I'd love to do play an evil character – someone who has no remorse. I find psychopaths so fascinating and I'd love to play someone incredibly complex."

The Durrells continues this Sunday on ITV.