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The Prince and the Epstein Scandal – BBC1 shakes up Monday night schedule for Panorama

Panorama - The Prince and the Epstein Scandal
(Image credit: BBC)

BBC1 now has a different schedule for Monday 2nd December...

The BBC has made late changes to its Monday night schedule to make space for The Prince and the Epstein Scandal, a new Panorama which will go out at 9pm.

The hour-long Panorama will feature an interview with an alleged Jeffrey Epstein victim, the BBC has revealed.

The BBC has said about the programme: “As Prince Andrew steps back from his public duties, Darragh MacIntyre hears from the victims of his former friend and convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

“The Duke of York has been widely criticised for not expressing sympathy for these women during his television interview with the BBC's Newsnight programme.

“Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims she was trafficked by Epstein and forced to have sex with the prince, something he denies.

“In her first interview on British TV, she tells her story and reveals new details about her time with Epstein. Reporter Darragh MacIntyre also looks at another of the duke's friends, Ghislaine Maxwell, and investigates her alleged role in Epstein's prolific sex offending.

"As the FBI investigation continues, Panorama asks what next in the scandal of Epstein and the prince?”

In the original TV listings for Monday 2nd December, an episode of Panorama, titled Universal Credit: One Year On, was billed at 8.30pm. But that episode has now been dropped and so has Reported Missing, which was originally on at 9.00pm .

The changed Monday 2nd November BBC1 schedule looks like this…

8.00pm EastEnders (as originally billed)

8.30 Room 101 (not originally billed)

9.00pm The Prince and the Epstein Scandal – Panorama (not originally billed)

The Prince and the Epstein Scandal is on BBC1 at 9pm on Monday 2nd December.