The Terrornauts (1967) | DVD review – This vintage British sci-fi is like a Carry On set in Outer Space


SYNOPSIS A British radio telescope laboratory and its occupants, headed by astronomer Dr Joe Burke (Simon Oates), are transported into an abandoned fort on an asteroid in deep space. After undergoing a series of intelligence tests, the group – which also includes a pushy accountant (Charles Hawtrey) and a confused tea-lady (Patricia Hayes) – are transported to an alien planet where they discover the Earth is in the path of an interstellar war. Under the guidance of a robot, the team then man the fort’s battle stations to take down the invaders' passing ships…

THE LOWDOWN This 1967 space saga, loosely adapted from Murray Leinster’s 1960 novel The Wailing Asteroids, was an attempt by Amicus to cash in on the success of their big-screen Doctor Who films starring Peter Cushing. Again aimed squarely at the kiddie market, this juvenile sci-fi certainly has much in common with those colourful adventures and, providing the comedy relief, which was integral in the Who films, are Carry On star Charles Hawtrey and the wonderful Patricia Hayes. Hawtrey is super camp here and gets all the laughs, while the script’s accountant jokes are pure Douglas Adams. Its a colourful nostalgic confection that makes for a great Sunday afternoon matinee treat.

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