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New dad Tom Daley investigates surrogacy for new BBC One doco

Tom Daley

Olympic diver Tom Daley and husband Dustin Lance Black became dads this summer. In a new BBC One doco, Tom will explore the subject of surrogacy

Tom Daley is filming a new documentary about surrogacy for BBC One.

Tom and his filmmaker husband Dustin Lance Black became parents to baby son Robbie Ray Black-Daley in June and are among the growing number of parents to have children through surrogacy. So the subject is close to their hearts.

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In the one-off hour-long film, Olympic diver Tom travels from the UK to the US, investigating the different rules and regulations surrounding surrogacy. In the UK, it is illegal to advertise or pay surrogates except for reasonable expenses. While in California, it is much more common for wannabe parents to seek out a surrogate and then sign a contract between them.

Tom's journey will also take him to one of the European countries where surrogacy is totally illegal.

Tom will also meet real-life surrogate mums to find out why they agree to carry another couple's child, and the special relationship that develops between the surrogate mum and the parents-to-be. But he'll also meet those who are against surrogacy and questions why they want to stop people like him and Lance having a child in this way.

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Who's right? Who's wrong? And with commercial surrogacy still illegal in the UK, but so many people still wanting to have children, should the UK laws be updated so everyone has the option of surrogacy?

"Surrogacy is one of the most complex issues in modern society and the laws which govern it are radically different across the world," says Tom McDonald, BBC Head of Commissioning, Natural History and Specialist Factual. "As new fathers through surrogacy, Tom and Lance are both committed to exploring all of the nuances around this very emotive subject. I'm thrilled that Tom is going to be our guide in this deeply personal and intelligent film."

Tom Daley's documentary on Surrogacy will be shown next year on BBC One