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Whatever happened to Changing Rooms star Carol Smillie? We bet you can't guess what she's up to...

Whatever happened to Changing Rooms star Carol Smillie?
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Carol Smillie is now conducting funerals

DIY hit Changing Rooms, fronted by Carol Smillie, was one of the biggest shows of its time, running from 1996 to 2003.

Carol was on a string of other big shows too, including Wheel of Fortune, Holiday and The National Lottery Show. But, what is the 56-year-old star up to now?

Carol Smillie hosting The National Lottery Show

Carol Smillie hosting The National Lottery Show

Well, it might surprise you to learn that she has recently been conducting humanist funerals.

Speaking to the Sunday Post, Carol, who’s now a member of the Humanist Society Scotland, said: “I was a bit worried at first that people might think they are in some horrific reality TV show when they walk into a funeral and see me there.

“But I’ve had people saying, ‘Aww, my mother would have loved that’.

“In a way my, profile has helped because people feel they know me a little bit already. I’m not a complete stranger walking into their house when we first meet.”

Carol, who spent two months as a professional mourner, revealed that her next goal was to be able to perform weddings.

As to why she thought she’d be good at conducting funerals, Carol said: “I realised it’s an obvious fit for the skills I already have. You need to be confident speaking in public, good with people, sensitive to people’s opinions and thoughts, and good at script writing.”

Earlier this year Carol also presented the 19th annual World Championship Scotch Pie Awards.

Carol Smillie

Carol congratulates a winner

She said at the time: “I am delighted to have been asked to come along today and present the World Championship Scotch Pie Awards."

So, there you have it!

Main pic: PA Archive/PA Images