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'Loki' 1.02 Review: Always trust a trickster to be tricky

Cause the tricksters gonna trick, trick, trick, trick, trick...

Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson in "Loki" on Disney Plus.
(Image: © Marvel Studios)

Our Verdict

Loki gets a little too Jack Sparrow in this week's episode, but we progress enough that it gets a pass.


  • 😈 The introduction of [redacted] Loki is an exciting move.
  • 😈 Mobius gets a little bit more depth.


  • 😈 The Loki "always trust a liar to lie" is too Jack Sparrow.

This post contains spoilers for Loki.
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Loki's second episode isn't what you'd call a drop in quality technically speaking, but there's certainly a different feel between "Glorious Purpose" and this week's chapter.  While the premiere made sure that it caught the present Loki up to speed on the happenings of his future, it's still not enough for him to learn in the same way the one we lost had. While it's easy to intellectually understand the difference between the two characters, it's a little bit difficult as a viewer. We've already gone through this growth. Having to experience it a second time is kind of exhausting. But, here's hoping that where this episode leaves us is more of a misdirect than anything. 

After his shenanigans at the circus, all the members of the TVA are ready to give Loki (Tom Hiddleston) the boot. That is to say, all but Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson). He's got a little bit of Ray Palmer ala Legends of Tomorrow in him in the sense that he just wants to see the best in people. As the viewer, we know that Loki's "best" comes with a grain of salt, but we also know it's there. 

Things are complicated further as the TVA heads out on a major mission in an attempt to take on the second Loki variant. The Trickster is convinced he's the true Loki prime, so there's no reason he won't be able to best his lesser self. That situation gets extra convoluted when you're your own worst enemy and now there are two of you. 

The introduction of Lady Loki (Sophia Di Maritino) into the MCU cannon is an exciting — and surprising — move. We haven't seen enough of her yet to know whether or not it was a smart one, but she's not where this episode struggles. The biggest frustration in chapter 2 is Loki himself, no matter how well he's acted. 

His antics at the end of the episode read far too much Jack Sparrow and far too little Loki Laufeyson. You can always trust a trickster to lie for his benefit, but here's where the weekly releases may harm the show. Because we now have to wait a week , viewers now have seven days to stew on whether or not Loki's back to his old tricks — tricks we've seen over, and over, and over again — or if he really is acting in the TVA's best interest to further his own goals. A good cliffhanger is a useful tool! But here it just kinda reads like "guess what, y'all, he learned nothing from seeing what he saw, because hubris!" Which would totally track for the character, but isn't an interesting watch for all of the viewers who have already seen Loki go through the character progression we have.