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Best of CES 2019

If you had to boil the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas down to one thing, it'd be this: Televisions. More televisions than the eye can see. Televisions so big that you'll mentally check your credit score to see if there's any way in the world you could afford it. (Never mind that what you see at CES probably isn't even available yet.) And this year at CES we saw one of the more innovative creations from any of the manufacturers.

And that's not all — we also got a couple of new streaming boxes from two of our favorite over-the-air TV companies. So strap in: This is the best of CES 2019 as we saw it.

Best of CES 2019

The bottom line

CES is a big deal for product launches, and there simply are too many to mention here. But these were among the best of the event in Las Vegas for cord-cutters. Just start saving your pennies for that rollable TV now.