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Best Over-The-Air Antennas in 2020

ClearStream 2MAX

If you're looking to pick out an over-the-air antenna, there can be an overwhelming amount of choices to pick through. Whether you're looking for a large range or a cheap price, you could be shuffling through antennas for hours. I'd recommend taking a look at the ClearStream 1MAX outdoor antenna if you're looking for a decent antenna at a good price. Make sure to keep reading for even more information on what makes this the best overall antenna. There are several great antennas to choose from, based on what you need and what you're looking to spend on them.

Best Overall: ClearStream 1MAX

The ClearStream 1MAX is the clear choice for the best overall antenna with all of the great features it has to offer in the antenna world. With this price range and the addition of an amplifier, it helps to push home the beauty of this product. The design is nice and simple, and it won't take up much space indoors or out. As with all antennas, the accuracy of the stated range may not be true for all areas. There are also complaints that this particular antenna is difficult to assemble, so be careful when you go forward to do that.

Although there are a few issues with this device, the positives sure do shine above them all. The best part has to be the price point of this antenna, especially considering that an amplifier is included. Add on the nice design and smaller size; there is a lot of good things going for this product. This is why this is the best choice for an overall antenna and my personal favorite.


  • Great price range
  • Compact build
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Includes an amplifier


  • Range accuracy
  • Hard to put together

Best Mid-Range: Channel Master CM-4221


Source: ChannelMaster (Image credit: ChannelMaster)

The Channel Master antenna reaches up to 180 degrees of range that will bring you high-quality television right to the comfort of your living room. With the span of 60 miles, this device will be able to bring you multiple channels, local and network. As with all antennas, the accuracy of the range is dependent on your location. Be sure to consider the trees around your home. The design of this antenna is a little old school, but you can't complain too much considering it's pre-assembled.

This antenna has a lot of great things going for it: from high-quality tv to having 180 degrees of functionality to pick up more channels. Although the range isn't accurate for everyone and it's not exactly the prettiest, it's nice to not have to put it together on your own. Mount this bad boy right on your roof or in your attic, and enjoy all that Channel Master has to offer your TV experience.


  • Multi-directional
  • HD quality
  • Pre-assembled for ease


  • Old school design
  • Range may not be accurate

Best Value: Bikuu Amplified HD TV Antenna


Source: Bikuu (Image credit: Bikuu)

This cheap version of a quality antenna has quite a great range considering how much it costs. Not only is the range great, but it also is built very well, and it comes with an amplifier which makes the price point even more beautiful. However, it seems that this antenna does not pick up the channels it promises as well as inaccuracy of the range that it states it reaches.

It's important to keep in mind that your location plays a big role in what you might be able to receive on your antenna. Considering this is the cheapest option on the list, it's rather amazing to see this range, which will bring you more channels. It's also a quality-built antenna with an included amplifier, which makes it even more incredible at this particular price point.


  • Long-range
  • Small price tag
  • Amplifier included
  • Quality build


  • Doesn't pick up as many channels as promised
  • Bulky
  • Range inaccurate

Best High End: Mohu Sky TV Antenna

The Mohu Sky TV antenna is the most expensive one on the list, which is understandable considering the included warranty and the clarity of the tv channels you receive. It also comes with a 30-foot detachable cable to make it easier to move the antenna as needed. Although the design is awfully strange for an antenna, it isn't the worst part of this device. Considering how expensive it is, the range is the biggest downside to this particular antenna.

Even if the range is only 75 miles depending on your location, the quality build and clearness of the HD image are worth the extra money. The one year warranty that's included in the purchase of the antenna is another great addition in case something happens to it. It's a wonderful option for any home that doesn't mind spending the money on the quality of this product.


  • 30-foot detachable cable
  • Clear HDTV
  • One year warranty
  • Quality build


  • Expensive
  • Channels dependent on the area
  • Not long range
  • Awkward design

Best Long Range: ViewTV Amplified HDTV Antenna

The ViewTV antenna is already-amplified, allowing it to reach up to 150 miles for incredibly long range. This antenna was also created to be weather resistant, and it's on a motorized rotation to be able to spin 360 degrees. This allows the antenna to be able to pick up channels for long distances all around the perimeter of your home. While it's got great range, it seems to be cheaply made do to unnecessary elements, and it's also got an old school look that not many people are fans of.

While there are a few complaints about this antenna, it seems to be a fantastic device to ensure you get the most out of your TV. The 150-mile range can't be beaten, and the 360 motorized rotation makes it an even more wonderful option for any home. If you live in an area where the elements could be a problem, it's a great weather-resistant choice to add to your TV enjoyment.


  • Motorized rotation
  • Weather Resistant
  • Reaches 150 miles


  • Classic antenna look
  • Cheaply made

Best Large Scale: Antenna's Direct ClearStream 4 TV Antenna

The Antenna's Direct ClearStream antenna is a great choice if you're looking for a large antenna. With a range of 70 miles and a multi-directional element to improve range and reception, this is a great antenna for certain locations. This also comes with a lifetime warranty and a built-in mount to help the range as well. It is a strange design for an antenna, and it's rather hard to assemble because of that awkward design.

If you don't mind the look of the antenna and you're looking for a large design, this is a great antenna for you. With the built-in mount and the multi-direction you can use to up the range, it's a great pick for many homes. Also, the lifetime warranty will help you feel better about putting it together, in case you're not a handy person.


  • Built-in mount
  • Multi-directional
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Odd design
  • Difficult to assemble

Bottom line

There are tons of antennas to choose from to fill any needs you may have for your TV experience. While there are several good options throughout this article, they all pale in comparison to the ClearStream 1MAX . This antenna is one of the highest-rated antennas in its range, and it has many qualities that make it the perfect option for your home. With the included amplifier to increase the range if needed as well as the compact design, there's no reason to doubt having this product on the top of your list.

Perhaps, there are certain qualities you are looking for when it comes to your antenna. Whether it's a long-range or the multiple directions needed for certain channels, there is an antenna out there for every single requirement you may have. If your main drive is to cut that cable bill, then you have plenty to choose from to keep you happy with your TV viewing experience.

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