Philo TV: channels, packages, pricing and everything else you need to know

Philo on Roku
Philo is an inexpensive streaming option with a lot of channels you'll want to have.

Many of the cord-cutting options for TV fans are cheaper than cable, but not by a huge amount. That’s where Philo TV comes in, giving you an affordable way to watch your favourite channels without breaking the bank.

Costing just $25 per month, Philo TV is one of the best live TV streaming services for price-conscious streamers. While it doesn’t have quite as many channels or features as rival services, it’s a barebones options that beats out the competition in terms of pure simplicity.

Philo has a fairly comprehensive set of channels, and it comes with a few optional add-ons if you want to expand that range just a little bit further. The choice on offer means Philo can go a long way toward filling the holes in competitors' plans, or maybe even being your sole streaming TV service of choice.  

Let's break down everything there is to know about Philo. The good. The great. The reasons you might well want to consider it as your only streaming option or to bolster another strategy, like free over-the-air TV.

How much does Philo cost?

Philo is $25 a month for the standard service. That's all there is to it. No plans to pick and choose from, and no charts of channels you need to sort through to track down the ones that matter to you. If you subscribed before July 2021, it's $20, as you get pre-price-hike-pricing.

Best of all, there's no contract and you can cancel any time you want. It's much more versatile than some competitors.

For context Sling TV costs $40 for either of its plans or $55 for both, while Hulu with live TV and FuboTV's Pro plan costs $74.99 and YouTube TV costs $64.99 (all prices monthly). 

Does Philo have a free trial?

Yes! Philo offers a seven-day free trial to new subscribers so you can try the service for free before subscribing.

There is something else for people who don't want to pay, though: Philo offers a list of free and ad-supported channels, which you don't need to pay to use. 

What channels does Philo have?

Philo offers over 80 channels in its standard plan, and some highlights include:

  • Accuweather
  • A&E
  • AMC
  • BBC America
  • Bloomberg Television
  • Comedy Central
  • Cooking Channel
  • Crime + Investigation
  • Discovery Channel
  • Food Network
  • Great American Living
  • Hallmark Channel
  • HGTV
  • History
  • IFC
  • Law&Crime
  • Lifetime
  • Motor Trend
  • MTV
  • Nickelodeon 
  • Paramount Network
  • Sundance TV
  • TLC
  • Travel Channel 
  • Vice

For the full list, check out our Philo TV channels guide here.

Philo free channels

As well as its paid tier, Philo has a FAST service (that stands for free, ad-supported streaming) which lets you watch channels without paying, as long as you can manage the ads. Channels offered include:

  • USA Today
  • RetroCrush
  • Cheddar News
  • Gusto
  • Revry
  • Screambox TV
  • Fail Army
  • People are Awesome
  • Pet Collective
  • Comedy Dynamics
  • Outside

What add-ons does Philo have?

Philo currently offers three additional add-on packages, all three of which are available to sample with a 7-day free trial.

  • Movies & More add-on: gives users Cinemoi, HDNet Movies, MGM HD, Reelz and Sony Movies for $3 per month.
  • EPIX add-on: includes EPIX, EPIX Hits and EPIX2 for $6 per month.
  • Starz add-on: Starz, Starz Encore and Starz Kids & Family for $9 per month.

Does Philo have a cloud-based DVR?

It does indeed. Philo offers unlimited cloud-based DVR, so you can record your favorite shows and watch them at a time that suits you. Recordings are saved for up to 12 months so you can watch something over and over during that time frame — with the added bonus of skipping through any ads.

Philo subscribers previously were only able to keep recordings for up to 30 days; if you're on this so-called "Legacy Plan", head to the Philo help page to learn how to update to the year-long DVR option.

Can you stream Philo on multiple devices?

Philo allows you to play up to three streams at once at any time. So, you can watch on a TV in the living room while someone else is watching from the bedroom and a third person is watching on their phone while on the go.

Philo also has the ability to create up to 10 profiles on a single account, so each person in your family can watch what they want.

Which devices can you watch Philo on?

Philo supports most major modern hardware platforms. Consumers can watch Philo on their TV with Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV (fourth generation or later), Android TV (5.0 or higher) and Google Chromecast (second generation or later).

Philo can also be viewed on a PC or Mac and on mobile devices (Android 5.0 or higher, iOS 13.0 or higher and Amazon Fire Tablets 5.0 or higher).

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