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What channels do you get on Philo?


**Updated April 11, 2019: Gave the channel listings a major overhaul.

Philo is an intriguing streaming service. Well, intriguing insofar that you get 45 channels for a mere $16 a month. And for just $4 more, you get another eight channels. Plus there's cloud-based DVR and video-on-demand and live guides and pretty much the things you'd expect to find in a modern streaming service.

And if those channels are enough for you, great. Philo is pretty much the least expensive service you can find today.

As for where all you can watch Philo, it's also pretty expansive. You've got your web browser of choice, of course, plus native apps on iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and on Amazon Fire TV. (Android phones and tablets can watch through Chrome.

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