Corrie's Sean Ward: Being killed off gave me a kick up the backside, knowing I can't go back (VIDEO)

The legacy of ex Corrie star Sean Ward and his evil character Callum Logan lingers on eight months after his departure, but the actor is pleased he was killed off.

Sean told What's on TV at the British Soap Awards: "I only wanted to come into Corrie and cause as much trouble as possible and nip back out again, so luckily that's what they allowed me to do. And he's still doing it now, even though I've not been in it for eight months... And the discovery [of Callum's body], the actual stunt they did was phenomenal, it was amazing."

There must be some disappointment he'll never return to Corrie... "In a way yeah, but as an actor it gives you that kick up the backside you need to know you can't go back, so you have to get back out there and find your feet again."

Sean said there was only one character development possible for drug dealer Callum: "If they said they were going to water him down I'd have been like 'No, make him worse and kill him!'"

Sean has been filming the latest series of BBC1's military drama Our Girl, alongside Michelle Keegan. "Amazing yeah. We shot in Africa for the last 10 weeks and luckily I got invited to [the Soap Awards] and I haven't sen everyone for so long it was such a great reason to come back."

How fit did he have to get? "Two weeks basic Army training in Aldershot then two weeks training in Africa, putting on more costume and getting used to the weather, but yeah it's been hardcore. The ex Colonel [trainer] keeps me going. If you yawn on set, he's like '10 press-ups!'"

Watch the interview with Sean Ward, above."]

The British Soap Awards screen on ITV at 8pm on Sunday, May 29


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