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Caroline Catz: ‘DI Helen in DCI Banks would definitely get on with Doc Martin!’

Caroline Catz is the first person to point out that reserved copper DI Helen Morton in DCI Banks is worlds away from her Doc Martin alter ego, caring schoolteacher Louisa.

However, the actress who plays both Helen in DCI Banks and Louisa in Doc Martin reckons that tight-lipped Helen and grumpy doctor Martin Ellingham (played by Martin Clunes) have much more in common!

Talking to What’s on TV Caroline said: “Helen’s really blunt and I love playing her. But she couldn’t be more different to my character Louisa in Doc Martin. In fact, Helen’s more like Doc Martin. I think if they met they’d definitely get on!

“I love doing both shows, but they have very different audiences. DCI Banks fans are really into the crime element and enjoy Helen’s character in relation to that. While Doc Martin is a chocolate box environment, but with these strange and quirky goings on, it’s not as cosy as it first looks!”

Filming is currently underway in Cornwall on the next series of Doc Martin, while the two final episodes of DCI Banks screen shortly. This year Banks fans have seen Helen struggling with the breakdown of her marriage to homeworking hubby, Michael. And we can reveal an unexpected reunion with an old flame Martin Hexton (Banished’s Cal Macaninch), in the final story, puts Helen’s career in jeopardy too!

Caroline reveals: “In the final two episodes we’ll see Helen really affected by the big things going on in her life. She’s having serious difficulties with her husband and her home life isn’t in a very good place.

“I don’t want to say too much, but there’s some really good stuff coming up. There are a lot of surprises coming out, and consequences to Helen’s behaviour!”

Watch DCI Banks on Wednesdays, with the final episode screening on April 1 at 9pm on ITV

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