Maisie Williams to return for more Doctor Who

Maisie Williams will be returning to series nine of Doctor Who for a third episode.

Writer Sarah Dollard confirmed that the Game Of Thrones star would be appearing once more in Face The Raven, the 10th episode of the series.

Speaking on a panel at MCM London Comic Con, Sarah was prompted by showrunner Steven Moffat to tease: “It’s possible Maisie will be back in episode 10.”

Maisie Williams in Doctor Who



On Twitter, she confirmed the spoiler and wrote that Maisie’s return had been 'really difficult not to tell everyone'.

There’s a spoiler in that last rt that has been REALLY DIFFICULT not to tell everyone. #DoctorWho

— Sarah Dollard (@snazdoll) October 24, 2015


Maisie played immortal Viking girl Ashildr in The Girl Who Died, and made her second appearance as a highwaywoman in The Woman Who Lived.

At the end of the episode, Ashildr describes herself as the patron saint of the companions the Doctor leaves behind and was shown in the background of a present day selfie.

Moffat has said that Maisie will not be the Doctor’s new companion, after it was announced that Jenna Coleman would be leaving the show as Clara Oswald this series.

Maisie said last week that there was a good chance viewers would see Ashildr again and possibly in future series.

Maisie Williams guest stars in Doctor Who

(Simon Ridgway/BBC)


“I’m hoping she comes back. Everyone’s been asking if she comes back. I hope so, but I have no idea.

“I know they’ve had characters similar to Ashildr that have returned in future episodes and series, so we’ll see. I think there’s a good chance!” she said.

Face The Raven also features the return of character Rigsy, played by Jovian Wade, who was last seen in series eight’s Flatline when he joined Clara to fight off some evil graffiti.

The episode is written by Sarah and will be directed by Justin Molotnikov. It will screen on BBC One on November 21.


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