Physical: 100 cast — meet the contestants of the Squid Game-style game show

Members of the Physical: 100 cast standing in line to be chosen as teammates
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The Physical: 100 cast is made up of a variety of contestants poised to take on a series of incredibly challenging physical tasks in the Netflix survival reality show.

Physical: 100 is a Korean series inviting contestants from all walks of life to push their bodies to their absolute limits in a brutal new physical competition. As the challenges become more difficult, the contestants will be whittled down to one winner.

That one person won't just be walking away with bragging rights about their physique, though; they'll also be bagging a huge cash prize worthy 300,000,000 South Korean Won (worth roughly $250,000).

The Physical: 100 cast is packed with stars from all sorts of backgrounds including professional athletes, special forces soldiers, farmers, YouTubers and musicians... but only one of them can be crowned the winner. 

We're now down the final stages of the competition; below you'll find a list of the final survivors who remain in the contests (as of episode 8) and a full list of the 100 contestants who originally entered the fray.

Physical: 100 cast - who's still in the competition? 

The Physical: 100 cast hanging from monkey bars during a challenge

There aren't many members of the original Physical: 100 cast hanging around in the competition. (Image credit: Netflix)

As of the most recent episode, there are four confirmed stars who've made it into the final episode. They are:

  • Jo Jin-hyeong
  • Park Jin-yong
  • Kim Min-cheol
  • Woo Jin-yong

There's one more place that's yet to be decided as things stand, though we know that it'll be one of two contestants: Yun Sung-bin or Jung Hae-min. 

They were up against Choo Sung-hoon and Ma Sun-ho in The Punishment of Sisyphus trial, though the latter two were eliminated in the penultimate episode of the series and they couldn't quite match the other two stars.

The full list of Physical: 100 contestants

Two Physical: 100 contestants run for the ball in the first task

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Below is a complete list of all 100 stars who have signed up for Netflix's competition, along with their physical background.

  • Choo Sung-hoon - MMA Fighter, Judoka
  • Yun Sung-bin - National Team Skeleton Racer
  • Yang Hak-seon - Olympic Gold Medal-winning Gymnast
  • Hwang Ji-Hun, aka "Agent H" - YouTuber, former UDT/SEAL
  • Caro - CrossFitter/YouTuber
  • Hong Beom-seok - YouTuber, RoK former Special Forces Soldier and Firefighter
  • Jjang Jae "The eTool"  - YouTuber, Former UDT/SEAL
  • Shim Eu-ddeum - YouTuber, former competitive fitness model
  • Kim Kang-min - Bodybuilder
  • Song A-reum - Bodybuilder
  • Cha Hyun-seung - Dancer, Model
  • Lee Yong-seung - Bodybuilder, YouTuber
  • Kim Ye-hyun - Bodybuilder, former fencer
  • Kang Han - National Team Bobsledder
  • Kim Sung-jun - Fitness model
  • Kim Sung-hun - Personal Trainer, fitness model
  • Son Hee-dong - Wrestler
  • Kim Ji-han - Volleyball Player
  • Yun Seok-hwan - National Team Swimmer
  • Kim Kyung-jin - Farmer, YouTuber
  • YOYO - Model
  • Nam Kyung-jin - National Team Wrestler
  • Kwak Myung-sik - CrossFitter
  • Carlos - CrossFitter
  • Park Jung-ho - Correctional Officer
  • Jang Seong-min - National Team Rugby Player
  • Kim Chun-ri - Bodybuilder
  • Kkang Mi - Sergeant first class reservist
  • An Da-jeong - Bodybuilder
  • Son Hee-chan - Ssireum Wrestler
  • Jang Eun-sil - National Team Wrestler
  • BBULKUP - Food business CEO, YouTuber, Former Bodybuilder
  • Ma Sun-Ho - Bodybuilder
  • Kang Chun-il - Pilates Instructor, Dancer
  • Park Hyung-geun - MMA Fighter
  • Jo Jin-hyeong - Car Dealer, Strongman Athlete
  • Miracle Nelson - Dancer, Model, Bodybuilder
  • Kim Ji-wook - National Team Diver
  • Seong Chi-hyun - Casino Dealer, Fitness Model
  • Yoo Sang-hoon - MMA Fighter
  • Joo Dong-jo - MMA Fighter
  • Lee Guk-young - Musical actor, Dancer, Bodybuilder
  • Cho Hyun-mi - Boxer
  • Lee Ju-hyung - Ice Hockey Player
  • Seo Ha-yan - CrossFit Coach
  • Jeong Bo-kyeong - National Team Judoka
  • Choi Kyu-tae - Model, Dancer
  • Choi Min-yong - Marathon Runner
  • Dustin Nippert - Baseball Player
  • Choi In-ho - Strongman Athlete, Personal Trainer
  • Florian Krapf - Fitness Model, YouTuber, TV personality
  • Kim Gil-hwan - Scuba Diver, YouTuber
  • Kim Min-cheol - Mountain Rescue Team, National Team Ice Climber
  • Kim Byeong-jin - National Team Taekwondo Athlete
  • Kim Sang-wook - MMA Fighter
  • Kim Eun-ji - Competitive Fitness Model, YouTuber
  • Kim Jeong-uk - Fitness Model, Bodybuilder
  • Vita Mikju - Pole Sports Athlete
  • Park Seon-kwan - National Team Swimmer
  • Park Jong-hyeok - Fitness Model, Coach
  • Park Jin-yong - National Team Luger
  • Bang Seong-hyeok - Personal Trainer
  • Bang Ji-hoon - Bodybuilder
  • Tarzan - YouTuber
  • Seol Ki-kwan - National Team Bodybuilder
  • Shin Dong-guk - Firefighter, MMA Fighter, Former RoK Special Forces
  • Shin Bo-mi-rae - Boxer
  • Shin Se-gae - Stuntman
  • DBO - Rapper
  • Austin Kang - Chef, TV Personality
  • Woo Jin-yong - CrossFitter, Former Snowboarder & Coach
  • Yu Ga-ram - Inline Skater
  • Youn Jun-hyeoup - Model
  • Lee Da-hyeon - Ssireum Wrestler
  • Lee Dae-won - Trot Singer, MMA Fighter
  • Lee So-young - Fitness Model
  • Lee Jun-myeong - Calisthenics Coach
  • Miho - Personal Trainer
  • Elaine - Actress, TV Personality
  • Jeon Min-seok - Korean Coast Guard
  • Jeon Young - Movie Choreographer
  • Jeong Han-saem - Musical Actor, Model
  • Jung Hae-min - Cyclist
  • Ovan - Singer-songwriter
  • Cho Jung-myung - National Team Luger
  • Chae Wan-ki - Jiu-Jitsu Athlete
  • Ha Je-yong - Powerlifting Athlete, Former Arm Wrestler
  • Hwang Bit-yeo-ul - CrossFitter
  • Kim Kyeong-baek - Former UDT Drill Instructor
  • Kim Da-young - Stuntwoman
  • Kim Sik - National Team Skeleton Coach, Former Bobsledder
  • Lee Min-U - Chef
  • Lee Ye-ji - MMA Fighter
  • Im Jeong-yun - College Student, Fitness Model
  • Jo Yeon-joo - Cheerleader
  • Jo I-Taek - Actor
  • Choi Sung-hyuk - Pole Sports Athlete
  • Ko Da-young - Pilates Instructor
  • Park Ji-su - Bodybuilder, National Team Rugby Player
  • Park Min-ji - SSireum wrestler

The first four episodes of Physical: 100 are available to stream on Netflix right now. New episodes will be released in pairs on Tuesdays, with the finale set to air on its own on February 21. 

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