Ralf Little — things you didn't know about the Death in Paradise actor

Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker in Death in Paradise season 13
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Ralf Little became a household name at 18 when he appeared in the sitcom The Royle Family as Jim and Barbara's son, Antony. He then went on to play Johnny in Two Pints of Lager and A Packet of Crisps, earning him a place in the hearts of the nation. Now, he's famously playing DI Neville Parker in Death in Paradise season 13.

But what else do we know about Ralf Little? Here are several things you probably don't know...

1. Ralf is engaged to a famous partner

Ralf Little and Lindsey Ferrentino attending a play in America in 2018

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Ralf is engaged to playwright Lindsey Ferrentino. He appeared in a play she wrote back in 2016 which actually starred former Death in Paradise actor Kris Marshall. Ralf told The Mirror: "I met her when I was in a play she wrote with Kris Marshall. She came out to Guadeloupe for a month while I was filming and she wrote three films out there.

"She's doing annoyingly well. If we were ever going to be a power couple I'd have to seriously up my game. Her career is exploding in a way that makes me both incredibly proud, and obscenely jealous."

2. Ralf Little's got one surprising regret

Ralf has said that his greatest regret in life is breaking up a fight when he was just 17, because it earned him a broken nose. He told The Guardian: "It happened a week before I was due to start filming The Royle Family. I was trying to break up a fight and somebody whacked me. Because I was about to start filming, I couldn't go through the process to reset it, and I became known as the guy who looks as I do now."

3. Ralf is often mistaken for another famous face

Ralf has admitted that fans often get him confused with The Inbetweeners actor, Blake Harrison. Ralf told The Guardian: "I would love Johnny Depp to play me in a movie of my life, but it is more likely to be Blake Harrison, because we get mistaken for each other all the time!"

4. He's had some surprising jobs

Despite having a hugely successful acting career, Ralf has admitted that he has had some odd jobs in his time. He says that despite the fact football is his greatest love, the worst job he has ever done was woking behind the player's bar at Bolton Wanderers football club, mainly because footballers don't tip! 

5. He quit medical school to become an actor 

When he was at school Ralf had dreams of either becoming an actor or a doctor. When his parents told him that becoming an actor was likely to end in failure, he decided to be a doctor instead. However, four weeks into medical school Ralf landed the role of Antony in The Royle Family and the rest is history. His younger brother, Ross, however, did become a doctor. 

6. He's been in Death In Paradise before 

Ralf has been playing DI Neville Parker in Death In Paradise since 2019, but this isn't the first time he has been in the show. Before landing the main role, Ralf appeared for just one episode six years previously. 

7. Ralf has only ever been 'starstruck' by one guest star on Death in Paradise

Hayley Mills in Death in Paradise season 13

Hayley Mills guest stars in series 13 (Image credit: BBC)

Ralf loves working with all the fun guest stars on Death in Paradise, but the one time he got "starstruck" was appearing with Hayley Mills on series 13. He explains: "Oh my God, Oscar winner Hayley Mills! She's the one person I got starstruck by and had to get a photo with, she was just glorious. She's been at the top of the film industry. She won an Oscar when she was a kid, 'Whistle Down the Wind' is one of my favourite films of all time.

"With somebody who has that reputation and experience, it wouldn't be outside the realms of possibility for her to be diva-ish, difficult, demanding, but she was the most gentle, professional, sweet, fun, funny, gregarious person… just the dream! A living legend of the industry."

8. He's a brilliant footballer 

As well as being a life-long supporter of Manchester United, Ralf is also a keen footballer himself. He has played for semi-professional clubs like Maidstone United, Edgware Town, Chertsey Town, and Stone Dominoes. He has also played in numerous charity matches, including Soccer Aid

Ralf Little's Fact File 

How old is he?

Ralf Little's age is 43. He was born on 8th February 1980.

Is he in a relationship?

Ralf Little is engaged to American screenplay writer, Lindsey Ferrentino.

Does he have children?

Ralf Little doesn't have any children.

Where was he born?

Ralf Little was born in Bury, Manchester.

How tall is he?

Ralf Little is 1.83 metres tall.

Instagram: @ralf.little

Twitter: @RalfLittle

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