Death in Paradise season 13 full season guide: plot, cast, and more

Death in Paradise season 13 cast pose outside the shack with a 100 sign on top
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Death in Paradise season 13 saw Ralf Little back as DI Neville Parker for more murder cases on Saint Marie.

The series has now aired in full and this is a complete guide. Note you can watch it still on BBC iPlayer, plus you can also catch up there with all the past series. Also note the further you delve into the guide the more spoilers there are! While it's available on BritBox in the US.

The series began with the show's 100th episode, in which Commissioner Selwyn Patterson celebrated fifty years of police service, before being left fighting for his life after being dramatically shot by a mysterious assassin!

The final episode of the series saw a passenger disappear from a flight to Dominica, only to be found dead in Saint Marie, while the pilot and flight attendant deny even seeing the victim on the plane. Neville starts to question whether he's losing his mind, and the return of a familiar face presents him with a big decision to make...

The previous series (Death in Paradise season 12) was hugely dramatic, especially with Neville discovering his girlfriend Sophie wasn't quite what she seemed to be! "He's obviously very hurt and bruised by it and mistrustful of people. The concept of romance and love has left him extremely jaded," says Ralf.

Of course the Death in Paradise universe has now expanded with Beyond Paradise and a second spin-off, Return to Paradise), in the pipeline.

Here's all about season 13... and we also have a guide to Death in Paradise season 14!

Death in Paradise season 13 release date

Death in Paradise season 13 began on Sunday 4 February, 2024 on BBC One at 9 pm. The final episode aired on BBC One on Sunday 24 March at 9 pm. All episodes, including past series, are available on BBC iPlayer.

It was released to US audiences on Thursday, February 15 on BritBox.

Death in Paradise season 13 plot

Neville and Sophie in Death in Paradise season 12

How would Neville cope after Sophie was the big question in the series (Image credit: BBC / Red Panet Pictures / Denis Guyenon)

Teasing the series, the BBC said beforehand: "Marlon confronts his future, Naomi lets loose to double date with Darlene, and Catherine finds herself embroiled in a murder case when an old friend becomes a suspect. New and returning faces arrive on Saint Marie, and Neville faces his biggest decision yet. 

"Will our hapless detective finally get his happy ever after? There’s also a deadly game of bingo, a poisoning at a cookery competition, death during a blackout, and a mystifying murder in a lift."

During the Christmas special Neville confided in his mother that he felt cursed in the love department. And we can see why discovering your girlfriend is in fact a brutal murderer who's trying to frame you might cause one or two trust issues! Perhaps season 13 will prove lucky for Neville in terms of love?

Naomi (Shantol Jackson) stands wearing a smart pale lime-coloured evening dress and sipping a glass of fizz, opposite Marlon (Tahj Miles) who is in a maroon suit and a floral shirt, also holding a glass of fizz

Things got weird between Naomi and Marlon (Image credit: BBC)

What happens in episode 1?

There is a double celebration as the show marks its landmark 100th episode and Commissioner Selwyn Patterson celebrates 50 years of service. However, the party is cut short when the boss is shot by a mysterious assassin and left fighting for his life. As the team members search for the culprit, will the police veteran survive?

Episode 1 guest cast: Alton Garvey (played by Mensah Bediako), Young Selwyn (Marson Francisco) Lincoln St Clair (Leon Herbert), Marlon Collins (Sean Maguire) , Jacqueline St Clair (Cathy Tyson).

What happens in episode 2?

Hayley Mills in Death in Paradise season 13

Hayley Mills guest stars in episode 2 (Image credit: BBC)

Commissioner Selwyn Patterson struggles in the wake of his shock shooting, and the local community is rocked by a murder at a care home when a game of bingo gets horribly out of hand. But could someone really kill over something so trivial? As the case takes on a series of jaw-dropping twists and turns, Neville and the team realise that this case is so much more than it first appeared on the surface. 

Episode 2 guest cast: Nancy Martin (Hayley Mills), Phillipe Varane (Kevin Harvey), Eloise Mirie (Juliet Cowan), Barbara Mitchell (Ellie Haddington), Oona Martin (Akiya Henry), Andrina Harper (Genesis Lynea).

Neville (Ralf Little) stands in the pond at the Paradise Bary care home, with his trousers rolled up, crouching down with his forearms fishing around in the water

Neville does a spot of fishing in the second episode (Image credit: BBC)

What happens in episode 3?

A still from Death In Paradise season 13 episode 3 showing Michael Fenton Stevens as Tristan Clayborn, Gordon Kennedy as Stanley Drake and Kate Robbins as Lucky Clayborn, all standing behind their counters at a chef competition posing for a photo being taken by Andrina Harper (Genesis Lynea)

A chef is killed during a cooking competition (Image credit: BBC)

A famous chef is poisoned at the grand opening of his latest hotel, during a cooking competition in which various hopefuls compete for the head chef position. The team are left confounded when they realise that the victim didn't consume anything that day that all the contestants hadn't also consumed themselves. Catherine finds herself entangled in the case when an old friend becomes a murder suspect.

Episode 3 guest cast: Stanley Drake (Gordon Kennedy), Andrina Harper Patterson (Genesis Lynea), Dionne Bertrand (Shvorne Marks), Celeste Duvall (Yasmin Mwanza), Lucky Clayborn (Kate Robbins), Tristan Clayborn (Michael Fenton Stevens).

What happens in episode 4?

Neville (Ralf Little) stands in front of the suspects — we can see Petra (Leah Brotherhead) and Ivan (Pearce Quigley) in the foreground with their backs to the camera

Neville has a tough case (Image credit: BBC)

While investigating an island-wide blackout, Neville and the team discovers an electrocuted dead body. Their investigation leads them into a hidden world of data mining, crypto currency and stealing electricity. The only problem is that all three suspects were together at the time of the victim's electrocution. So if it was murder, how on earth did they do it?

Episode 4 guest cast: Petra Mcquillan (Leah Brotherhead), Chayce Jones (Jonathan Jules), Ivan Mcquillan (Pearce Quigley), Laurette Duschamps (Leah Walker) Ellis Baxter (Ben Wiggins).

What happens in episode 5?

Marlon (Tahj Miles) and Commissioner Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) are sitting in the Commissioner's car having a conversation. The Commissioner looks faintly troubled.

Marlon and The Commissioner have a heart-to-heart (Image credit: BBC/Red Planet Pictures)

Marlon is overjoyed when his sister is offered a scholarship at a prestigious school in Jamaica. But the celebrations are cut short when the officer receives a call from his old boss, claiming he has been hurt — only for things to turn violent. Meanwhile, Nevile's flirty conversations with blog-fan Sunset Chaser are progressing nicely, but stall when he requests to see a photo...

Episode 5 guest cast: Zoe (Taj Atwal), Booker St Jean (Kevin Garry), Ray Saunders (Guy Henry), Jocelyn Pryce (Miai Leonie Phillip), Max Saunders (Mark Strepan).

What happens in episode 6?

Gabrielle Glaister and John Gordon Sinclair in Death in Paradise season 13

(Image credit: BBC)

A tourist is stabbed whilst travelling down one floor, all alone, in a hotel lift. As the team investigates the victim's loved ones, they discover a family with numerous skeletons in their closets — whilst an ominous woman watches everything unfold from the shadows. Meanwhile, an old face returns to St Marie, but isn't met with open arms. 

Episode 6 guest cast: Zoe (Taj Atwal), Holly Portlake (Ellise Chappell), Cora Blythe (Gabrielle Glaister), Joe Blythe (John Gordon Sinclair).

What happens in episode 7?

Neville (Ralf Little) is sitting on the edge of his desk in the police station and smiling. In the foreground, Naomi (Shantol Jackson) - who is just out of shot - is holding up some bunting with Neville's name on it.

Neville decides it's time to go (Image credit: BBC/Red Planet Pictures)

The team find themselves split between Saint Marie and the island of Saint Auguste, attempting to investigate the mysterious death of a British tourist. When the team uncovers a series of startling connections between the victim and other guests at the hotel they were staying at, they realize nothing is quite what it seems in this case. Neville prepares to make a huge next step in his life, and a familiar face returns...

Episode 7 guest cast: Cressida Dempsey (Django Chan-Reeves), Barney Keats (Will Hislop), Hugo Kingsley (Tyrone Huntley), Abigail Warner (Eve Ponsonby), Amelia Templeton (Emma Sidi).

What happens in episode 8?

Florence and Neville hug in Death in Paradise season 13 episode 8

Will Florence's return stop Neville from going? (Image credit: BBC)

A passenger disappears from a flight to Dominica, only to be found dead in Saint Marie, while the pilot and flight attendant deny even seeing the victim on the plane. Neville starts to question whether he's losing his mind, and the return of a familiar face presents him with a big decision to make...

Episode 8 guest cast: Monette Gilbert (Rachel Adedeji), Kurt Henderson (Calvin Demba), Taylor Fielding (Richard Fleeshman), Peter Holcroft (Richard Lintern), Chelsea Fielding (Emma Naomi).

Death in Paradise season 13 cast

Ralf Little returned as DI Neville Parker.

Don Warrington — the only surviving cast member from the show’s first-ever episode — was also back as the Commissioner. Elizabeth Bourgine, who's been in the show since the second-ever episode, returned as Catherine Bordey. Plus Tahj Miles (Officer Marlon Pryce), Shantol Jackson (Sergeant Naomi Thomas), and Ginny Holder (Darlene) all featured.

Genesis Lynea returned as The Commissioner's daughter, Andrina in episode 2. She also featured in episode 3.

Death in Paradise season 12 cast

All the key cast returned for series 13 (Image credit: BBC / Red Planet Pictures / Denis Guyenon)

Who guest-starred in Death in Paradise season 13?

Adrianna Harper (GENESIS LYNEA) in Death in Paradise season 13 episode 3

Adrianna returned (Image credit: BBC)

Hayley Mills was among the guest stars in series 13. Hayley first shot to stardom in Pollyanna, a Disney movie that earned her what would be the last Academy Juvenile Award in 1960, and she's been on our screens ever since, most recently in Unforgotten season 5.

Other guest stars included Ellie Haddington (Motherland), Kate Robbins (Unforgotten), Pearce Quigley (Detectorists), Ronni Ancona (Last Tango in Halifax), Richard Fleeshman (The Ark), Juliet Cowan (The Power), Shvorne Marks (The Walk-In), Michael Fenton Stevens (Hapless), Ben Wiggins (You), and Guy Henry (Holby City).

Kevin Garry (Ted Lasso), Taj Atwal (Hullraisers), Emma Naomi (Bridgerton), Gabrielle Glaister (Coronation Street), Ellise Chappell (Poldark), Ali Ariaie (The Great), Eve Ponsonby (Carnival Row), Emma Sidi (Starstruck), Calvin Demba (The Rig), Rachel Adedeji (Hollyoaks), Richard Lintern (Nolly) also all featured.

Was Florence in Death in Paradise season 13?


Florence returned! (Image credit: BBC)

Yes, after lots of hints that she would return, Florence was finally spied in the final scenes of episode 6. She left witness protection and she featured heavily in episodes 7 and 8.

Did Dwayne return for Death in Paradise season 13?

Danny John-Jules as Officer Dwayne Myers in Death in Paradise

Dwayne came back too! (Image credit: BBC)

Yes! Marlon leaving opened the door for Dwayne's return and he was seen for the first time again in episode 6. Darlene wasn't too happy to see her old flame back. But after a heart-to-heart chat about Dwayne's dying father, the pair put the past behind them. Danny John-Jules as Dwayne featured in the rest of the series.

Did Sara Martins come back as Camille?

Sara Martins as Camille Bordey in Death in Paradise

Sara Martins as Camille Bordey  (Image credit: BBC)

Yes! Sara Martins made a surprise return as Camille Bordey in the opening episode of the series. Neville video-called her for help on a case only to discover she was about to give birth! Later in the episode, she appeared again and we found out she'd given birth to a baby girl. Bless! But that was it, she didn't feature in the rest of the series.

Did Kris Marshall turn up as Humphrey?

DI Goodman

Kris Marshall as Humphrey (Image credit: BBC)

No, Kris Marshall didn't turn up in Death in Paradise season 13. There was a crossover in Beyond Paradise between the two shows, but there was no sign of Humphrey in series 13.

Is there a trailer?

Yep! Here it is...

Is Death in Paradise still being made?

Yes, Death in Paradise is still being made. Season 14 and a Christmas special are on the way.

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