Death in Paradise season 13: cast, plot, and everything we know

Death in Paradise season 13 stars Neville and Naomi by the sea in Death in Paradise
(Image credit: BBC)

Death in Paradise season 13 will see Ralf Little return as DI Neville Parker for more murder cases on Saint Marie.

The previous series was hugely dramatic, especially with Neville discovering his girlfriend Sophie wasn't quite what she seemed to be!

But Ralf is expected back on duty with The Commissioner and go for series 13. Yes, remarkably we really are onto the thirteenth series of this hugely popular show, which started back in 2011.

The makers have confirmed that filming will begin soon in Guadeloupe, which doubles for Saint Marie. 

Here's everything we know… contains spoilers if you've not seen all of series 12!

Death in Paradise season 13 release date

Death in Paradise season 13 is likely to begin in January 2024. The BBC hasn’t confirmed a start date yet, but the show is pretty much always on in January so it's hard to imagine them changing a winning formula. It will then be available to US audiences at a later date.

Death in Paradise season 13 plot

Neville and Sophie in Death in Paradise season 12

Can Neville get over Sophie? (Image credit: BBC / Red Panet Pictures / Denis Guyenon)

Well, we don’t have confirmed details but Neville will once again be trying to mend a broken heart. The last series began with him trying to move on from Florence and this will one will see him trying to move on from Sophie. Sophie is going to be tougher as at least Florence didn’t turn out to be a cold-blooded killer! Perhaps 13 will prove lucky for Neville in terms of love? He must be due a break.

Death in Paradise season 13 cast

Death in Paradise season 12 cast

All the key cast are expected to return (Image credit: BBC / Red Planet Pictures / Denis Guyenon)

Ralf Little is back as DI Neville Parker for Death in Paradise season 13.

Don Warrington — the only surviving cast member from the show’s first-ever episode — is also expected back as the Commissioner.

Elizabeth Bourgine, who’s been in the show since the second-ever episode, is expected to return as Catherine Bordey. Plus Tahj Miles (Officer Marlon Pryce), Shantol Jackson (Sergeant Naomi Thomas), and Ginny Holder (Darlene) are all likely to be in the new series.

It’s not known yet if Genesis Lynea will be back as The Commissioner's daughter.

Who’s guest-starring in Death in Paradise season 13?

No guest names have been announced yet.

Is Kris Marshall in the new series of Death in Pardise?

DI Goodman

Kris Marshall as Humphrey (Image credit: BBC)

Kris Marshall is now in spin-off show Beyond Paradise as Humphrey and he has revealed he’d be up for doing a crossover episode. "Yeah, that would be great!,” he told us about the prospect of a crossover. "There's scope for all kinds of things, the sky's the limit, really. All I would say is watch this space — I'm not going to say any more than that!” However, it seems more likely that a Death in Paradise character would turn up in Beyond Paradise at this point rather than the reverse. So, we might have to wait for Humphrey to be in Death in Paradise again.

Is there a trailer?

Not yet.

Is Death in Paradise still being made?

Yes, Death in Paradise is still being made and we're sure season 14 will be on the way!

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